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Zed was looking cool on his bike, until his reflexes failed him when he ran into a katana..

Determines how well you can ride that sweet-ass motorbike of yours. More skill means less chance of crashing your bike and damaging it. Ride is affected by your cool and reflexes. You can also use the skill to skate appropriate items.

Note that riding your bike into a closed door, indoor location, or a wall will crash it regardless of your ride skill! On the warthog this also applies to "indoor" locations - if you try to ride inside somewhere it will crash your bike.

You can grind up to 1.00 raw by riding a roomba around from room to room but you can still fall off and break your leg rather often. You can also grind ride up to 1.00 raw by using a skateboard. To grind past 1.00 raw, riders must acquire a motorcycle or a similar ground based vehicle.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Those ramps you see around the Hellmoo world, yeah they don't work properly. Jump them at your own risk.

Advantages of riding: Normally, movement causes the player to receive thirst. Riding a vehicle around allows players to move around without receiving any reduction to their thirst bar. Riding a vehicle is generally also much faster than walking, and does not cause players to get muscle strain if they have a lot of weight. Finally, motorcycles have saddle bags which allows players to store things in it. This allows players to carry extra supplies or whatever loot they have legally acquired and promptly ride away from what ever they have incurred the wrath of.

Disadvantages of riding: Crashing your vehicle will always result in your bike being damaged and the rider to go into shock. Riders may also receive damage to themselves or their equipment they're wearing along with broken bones and brain damage.

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