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Let's do the time warp again!

To "reroll" is to start over from the beginning with your character in HellMOO, allowing you to completely change that character's build and other details. Rerolling is a very common practice in HellMOO.

Rerolling in Practice

Rerolling is easy to do. First, go to the clone bank you are subscribed to (by default, this is Clone Arrangers). There, delete your clone. Once that's done, die in any way you like. This will send you to the Dreams of Before, where you will run the usual Character Creation gauntlet all over again. This is your chance to start building your character up however you like.

Part of the reason that rerolling is so popular is that aside from being quite easy to do, it's also not a hard reset like the abyss is, and comes with relatively lax penalties and effects:

  • -75% total XP. This is the most obvious penalty; if you are 100,000 total XP, you'll be 25k after you reroll.
  • Resets for jobs and achievements. This means that despite starting 25% total, you can still level up faster thanks to all the XP you stand to earn. It also grants you another shot at earning once-per-playthrough achievement rewards, like the deathsuit.
  • Resets for XP, mutations and IP. This is the reason most people reroll; it gives you a completely clean slate for building your character.
  • Hard reset for rep. Active PvPers will find maintaining their rep a serious struggle, and for pickers in particular, it's just a matter of time before SWAT decides you've had enough fun. Rerolling resets your rep with all factions to zero for a clean slate.
  • Resets age. Probably the least common reason to reroll: at late age (over 60), characters start suffering penalties for being stuffy and old. Rerolling resets your age back to 13 to prevent these issues.
  • Keep all your money and stuff. Unlike the abyss, rerolling doesn't involve losing any material possessions or apartments, so you can zoom back to 220k while ensconced in the comfort of your 37 hot-tubs.

Rerolling is nothing to be overly worried about; with a little practice, XP is really quick to earn, and you can zoom back to strength in good time with a new build. If you'd rather check out a new build while not sacrificing your hard-earned strength, however, you might try the alts system instead.

Rerolling Checklist

Some opportunities are a once-per-playthrough affair, and if you reroll without earning those rewards, you'll miss out on some earning potential. Some players care about this and some don't, but it's a common enough concern that some popular one-shot rewards are listed here. The means of getting these rewards are a spoiler, so putting them on the wiki is against the rules; ask around.

  • The three exclusive Blades: the Lotus Nodachi, Hosaka Daikatana, and optionally the less well-regarded Fine Katana.
  • The 2 deathsuits and the deathshead. The second deathsuit and the head are quite difficult to acquire, so lots of people just settle for the one deathsuit.
  • The Sky Raider and Sky Commisar dusters. Like the deathshead, these are tough to get, so lots of people skip them.
  • The doctor's mirror.
  • The yellow repair gloves.
  • The excavation utility helmet.