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If you had enough brains child, you'd not be fixin' what ain't broken!

Repair is a brains skill that allows you to repair items found in HellMOO.

  • Use the fix or repair command to repair various things from weapons and armor to TVs and furniture. Be careful with low skill or else you might just make things worse then they already were.
  • A Repairman's toolbox can also be used for particularly difficult fixes, or expensive armor you are not sure you should be fixing yourself.
  • A great way to grind that first couple of raw is to beat the shit out of furniture (such as televisions or couches), and then repair whatever sort of damage you did. Remember that you can't grind above 1 raw in your home or HQ.
  • Some areas have "donation bins", such as the orphanage, that players often drop damaged weapons, armor, and items into. You can easily grind your first few raw by fixing these.
  • The utility worker and crack plumber jobs give enough repair IP to get to 6.00, no grinding necessary, though you may have trouble repairing them until you get your first raw.

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