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  • Symbol: ROME
  • CEO: Naoki
  • Managers: Adel, Alighieri, Assassin_A, Farhan, Kharn, Maria, Marmol, Minerva, Naiomi, Patchouli, scott, shyann, Sway, Taz, TimTom, Wil, and Xann


Generally a newbie-friendly corp, ROME gets along with most everyone and takes care of business. It is a neutral corp that does not instigate trouble. If inconvenience comes then ROME will end it one way or another.

ROME had a sub-corp, R0ME, which was run by Zola. The purpose of this sub-corp was to weed out the newbies and decide who was suitable for the main corp. Zola went on to join KGB and as such R0ME is out of commission.

ROME is now under the management of Naoki because the former CEO, Nous, stepped down and joined THC. Under Naoki's leadership, the spirit and goals of ROME are largely the same.

ROME is now out of commission. KREW and ROME have merged. See KROME.

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