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Eating a banana and reloading at the same time? Well shit, you need to be cool and have reflexes for that!

Quickdraw is mostly a utility skill, used for retrieving things from your inventory in good time, stowing them again, and occasionally instigating Mexican standoffs. If you see a message about fumbling clumsily with an item and your character takes half an hour to wield a toilet plunger, that's low Quickdraw skill holding you up. The skill is dependent on reflexes and cool.

Quickdraw increases through regular play as you walk around stuffing your pockets with things and pulling them out again. Most of this skill's uses are very mundane; stuff like pulling your weed out to fill your bong, then stowing the weed and pulling out the lighter to light the bong.


The ready system ignores Quickdraw, so at the start of a fight you'll wield your readied weapon instantly no matter what. However, quickdraw is still a situationally useful skill, even if you don't want to be the fastest bong-ripper in the West. Some key uses include:

  • Swapping weapons in combat. When you want to swap parry classes, damage types, or an unloaded gun for a loaded one, Quickdraw is a must.
  • Reloading guns on the fly. Don't do this in important fights, it's too slow. Swap between loaded guns instead.
  • Nanite spam mid-fight to get yourself off of critical health.
  • Using aim. Aiming at a player rolls your quickdraw skill against their dodge. If your aim lands, you can hold them on the spot or open the fight with a free crit. Counter-aiming is to-hit vs. to-hit; whoever can aim better wins.
  • Using parachutes... most of the time. Parachutes are notoriously inconsistent and gay. Bring autodefibs just in case!


  • Heath at The Wide Stance trains from 3-9. There is no teacher for levels below 3.
  • Johnny Fiveaces at the Round Corner trains from 8-15.

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