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A portalgun is a craft-only item that is both useful and hazardous. It has the potential to create two temporary exits, linking two rooms.

Like other scientific devices, these require high (25+) science skill to operate. A low skill can cause it to explode, killing you and destroying the gun.

It can be useful in many circumstances. For example, when needing to rescue your corp members who have broken their legs and are lying at the bottom of an elevator shaft. You fire a blue portal to a direction that isn't already an exit. Then you go somewhere else and fire an orange portal to another direction. If it all works as expected, your poor corp member can drag him or herself through the portal to safety. Grabbing and shoving can also work.

What are some of the hazards of using portalguns?

The hazards of portals are many and terrible.

  • Portals can disappear without warning, resulting in a trip to the broom closet if you step through the remaining one (the horror)
  • If you don't look through the portal before entering it you may find yourself, again, in the broom closet.
  • Other people who have access to portalguns can change the blue or orange portal destinations through the use of their portal gun.
  • In addition, using the gun too often within a certain period of time (more than 3 or sometimes 4 in 30 to 45 real-life minutes, seemingly) will also cause the gun to overload and explode. Try looking at your portalgun. If it looks like it is overheating, don't use it for a while.
  • You can simply die from stepping through a portal. Some unknown condition can cause instant, un-defibbable death (I have no idea why this happened to me, the message was similar to being killed via discipline implant - which I did not have in)

I still want one! Can I use them anywhere?

There are some areas (chiefly, apartment building/garages, as well as some private areas and some public areas such as Tortuga) that don't accept portals. In these areas you receive a message that your portalgun fizzles - note this still counts toward overload.