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'Police' is a blanket term for all the various security mobs who only attack you if you violate the law of that location. There are many different types of police, each with their own abilities or ways to fend off dirty criminal scum.

Police violence against you is measured in Stars, a bunch of asterisks that represent how much the police hate your crime-causing ass. Some police departments have different types of mobs who will come at you at different levels.


Noteworthy things about cops:

  • Most police forces will kill with a fatality.
  • Once you commit crimes unter a camera, a Sneak check is rolled and on failure, you're awarded Stars based on the severity of your crimes.
  • Any police officer will attack you from 1 Star on, but most only start hunting around 3+ Stars.
  • Hunting means: They will follow you even into camless areas and will open any doors in their way. However, they won't enter planes or boats.
  • Once you accumulate enough Stars in the greater Freedom City area, you will reclone in either the Panopticon Prison or the dreaded Cube.
  • Freaks and Abominations are exempt from this. Some areas also don't have jails at all.
  • Police will cut Zombie heads.

Freedom City

Freedom City is home to the only real police department, the FCPD. Their cams reach into parts of Shoreline and Slagtown too.

  • K9 Officer - Robotic dogs. They have surprisingly good tohit, but are really only threatening to new players, the unequipped, or when they swarm. Begin hunting at 3-4 stars.
  • C3-50 - Actually dangerous to even well equipped, prepared and experienced players who have neither dodge, parry, nor armor. If their pows connect, they will beat your vandal ass into the ground with shock batons. Begin hunting at around 20 stars.
  • McBain - Hunter of all criminals forever, will pursue you through space and time and will murder people without soaks in 2-3 shots. Wields a Samaritan which shoots explosive rounds that will tear your anus into two, smaller anuses very easily. Starts hunting at 200 stars.
  • SWAT Officer - The most dangerous enemy in the game - the damage and speed of their AA-12s is so high that they will fatality within two seconds. To that, add that they have massive soaks and the unique Gatekeeper ability, which prevents players from running away.
    If your reputation is so low that these bad boys show up, it's time to either reroll or give up on trying to break into the Helliday Inn/Sweaty Palms. SWAT will follow you all the way out to Mountain Pass.

Corpclave and Burbclave

This includes Corpclave, Burbclave, the Halliburton Arms and Mansions.

  • ARC-9 Arachnoid - Dodgy and soaky drones that tend to swarm and move fast. They use fade guns, which have the side effect of dosing you with fade, a drug that debuffs Brw/Ref/End. Same damage as Spiderlings.
  • ARC-12 Spiderling - Similar to ARC-9 arachnoids, however they fire curare darts that paralyze you while more spiders arrive. A major pain to deal with.

Weezer Village

This includes both Weezer Village and the Unterbeight hotel.

  • Security Drone - Flamechain wielding drones. Decently strong.
  • Security Pod - You thought security drones were bad? These guys fire fast lasers that can't be dodged, are very hard to soak and quickly set you on fire.

Miscellaneous Security

  • Weyland-Utani Building - The regular weak CCS troopers as well as CCS Roughnecks (better soaks, laser pistols).
  • Slagtown Galleria - Gorillabots, Owlmen and Security Drones.
  • Beatrice Acres - JD6 Burninators, big angry robots that love swarming and will roast you in seconds.
  • Southern Necropolis and Camp Benjamin - FCEF Empees (Hammerhead 12mm) and FCEF Empee Sarges (speedcapped Super Shorties). These guys and gals quickly swarm towards any Freaks that set foot into the Southern Necropolis.

Corporate Security

  • Jack Schitt Memorial Tower - CCS Troopers. Brutes that wield piston hammers and have disappointing overall stats.
  • Inside Corp HQs - Player-made ARC-14 security drones. Nobody ever upgrades their armor, so they are pretty quick to fall. Can range from mildly annoying (non-guns) to really annoying (Freakbile Powersquirts).


Various apartments come with various security. Keep in mind that apartment security is relative, as capable pickers will always come with backup.

  • Bradbury - Gorillamen, Owlmen and various NPCs. Gorillamen are major pushovers, being nothing more than robotic crackheads. Owlmen are retarded things that were added because Brad dwellers cried about how they didn't have the security of Helliday at 20% the price of Helliday, and the admins, surprisingly, actually gave it to them. These will fuck your shit into the upper atmosphere with little difficulty, having high soaks, damage and HP unprepared players with sub-optimal builds. However, they seem to be about as tough as or even stronger than CCS troopers.
  • Broham Gardens - Gorillamen and Casey Jones. Casey starts hunting at low Grand St. Ghosts reputation and will beat your delinquent ass into the ground all the way to the FC police precinct. Seriously unfun to deal with.
  • Astral Complex - Owlmen, Gorillabots and Casey Jones.
  • Helliday - Helliday security is the FCPD (plus electric floors), owing to its close proximity to the police department.
  • Sweaty Palms - FCPD security and electric floors, just with a slower response rate due to the distance to the police department.
  • Innsmouth - FCPD. Police will arrive about a year later, thanks to being all the way out in Shoreline.
  • Final Rest - FCPD security.
  • Vault 4 - Laser wielding security robots that shoot at pretty much anything (due to bugs) - intruders, residents, each other. Absolute garbage cans since they don't follow people and the Vault has no security cameras.
  • Rodger Young - A few guys with high-end guns. Only Andy Lau is sort of a threat, the rest are pushovers once you wear soaks.
  • Luskentryan Mansion - Mundane Enforcers. They wield blacklash reskins and have a tendency to swarm, making them mildly annoying. Nothing to be scared of.
  • Freak Caverns - A collection of reskinned aboms that will gladly oblige in gangbanging you for threatening the glorious Abom Nation residential district.


  • Casey Jones - This gentleman tears people with low Broham/Astral rep a new one around the FC area. Absolutely relentless and a huge pain in the dong to deal with for FC residents. But then again, who robs or even lives in Broham or Astral?
  • John McBain - Different from regular McBains in that he is a hunter, not an actual police officer. John McBain is a lot beefier than his cousins, will follow you all the way up to Mountain Pass and will sit outside your apartment fondling his gun suggestively for hours on end. Begins hunting at insanely high negative FCPD rep.
  • Sgt. Murtaugh - Essentially John McBain junior. Wields a .71 Desert Hawk and can be seen following McBain around the FC area.
  • Dan Asty - Starts hunting players above 100k xp all the way from Adamant Canyon to Mountain Pass. Attacks with high speed, high tohit, super low damage throwing knives.
  • Hawthorne - Hunts Abominations with a chainsaw lance, but more than often just gets stuck remote places. Nowadays, only useful to mess with low health/AFK Aboms or those with shitty builds.
  • The Punisher - Frank goes for the game's most fervent player killers. Sadly, spends most of his time stuck in the Abandoned Highway and is a total pushover.
  • Zardoz - Are you on good terms with the FCEF? On bad terms with the Abom Nation? If you are, Zardoz is for you! A drugged up Abom that hunts in Necropolis Gate.
  • Hellboy - Similar to Zardoz, this big guy really doesn't like normies (but doesn't care about your reputation). He wields a Samaritan, doesn't show an attack message and has no qualms with entering the Southern Necropolis.