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A few important topics to get you started as a player:

Rules -- Important guidelines on what is or isn't permissible in the world of HellMOO

FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions.

Corporations -- Information on corporations

Corporation List -- List of various past and present corporations. Not up to date, but historically interesting.

Player-written guides -- Read what the "experts" on playing have to say!

Mail Commands -- A list of mail-related commands and a brief description of each.

Parser -- How your commands are interpreted.

Commands -- A list of useful commands.

Emoting -- Helpfile on emoting and list of social commands.

Skills -- An overview of skills as a topic, as well as a listing of all skills.

Areas -- All documented areas.

Items -- All documented item types.

Weapon List -- All documented weapons and their stats.

Armor List -- All documented clothing/armor and its stats.

Scavenge Tables -- All documented scavenging tables.

Character Creation -- How to create your character.

Henchmen -- Hiring and working with henchmen.

Mutations -- The available mutations.

Admins -- The admins (should you dare to interact with them).

PlayerArt -- Player art submissions, including the slashfic contest winners!

Mobs -- A list of the various creatures or people you may encounter.

Maps -- Some maps describing various areas.

Buffs and Debuffs - For easier grinding.

Shopping -- Where to get stuff.

Jobs -- A list for easy reference on various documented jobs.

Boating -- A simple introduction to boats.

Pilot -- A simple introduction to planes.

Implants -- List of implants.

Disease -- Information on diseases.

Cyberspace -- This is where you learn about the internet.

Blue prints -- Custom HQs etc

Research Simulators -- For the science nerds in you

Pop culture references -- One of the many reasons why Hellmoo is funny as hell.

Halloween - If it's the month of October you can read this, if not - too bad.