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Skills are an important part of HellMOO. Without them, we would never rise above the simple existence of crank-snorting AIDS infected landshrimps. HellMOO offers a cornucopia of hot-'n-sticky skills, which will be covered later, but first it is important to go over how they work.

Reading your SCORE

Skill and Raw

You can see what skills you have by using the 'score' command. Alternatively, you can just use 'sc,' and increase your efficiency 60%. This will show you your skills and also your stats, which affect your skills. The first column after the skill's name is the RAW score, or how much you have learned in that particular skill. By using skills, your RAW skill will occasionally rise by 0.01 points, which uses an Improvement Point. You can earn 50 Improvement Points each day, which comes out to about three hours in real life. You can now also check how long it is to the next day at the bottom of the score window.


Next is the '+' column, which lets you know about other conditions changing your total skill score, such as getting a bonus to Fuck from being super horny, or getting a penalty to Climb from that compound fracture in your arm.


The next column is the Total skill value, which is the number used when calculating the efficiency of using your skills. The Total takes into factor not just how much you have learned and the value of your RAW score, but also your stats and anything which may effect them, like drugs, implants, or stress.


Next up is the Depends column, which tells you what stat is needed for what skill - the higher those stats, the higher your Total score will be. Additionally, skill-dependent stats will also rise by 0.01 by using the skill that they depend on. Your stats will grow very slowly through use of skills and Improvement Points, while growth of certain skills may be rapid, especially early on.


Finally is the Improve column, which lets you know how expensive it will be to improve a skill through training. By training, you can raise the RAW point of a skill by one point, and forgo trying to improve it by using the skill. Hard work is for suckers. As your RAW points become higher in a certain skill, the cost of improving them by trainers will increase also. Training your first RAW point in a skill might be as little as 500 XP, while training a skill with a RAW score of 10 may be over 10,000 XP, so you better get started on smashing some orphan skull as soon as you're done reading this.

Learning things from your fellow hellmooians

Finding people to teach you skills is fuckin' easy, shitpile. Ask around on either tradenet or chatnet as some players are able to teach skills, and will probably do so in exchange for sexual favors. If you favor your dignity, you can either find a different MOO, or pay an NPC to train you instead. There are NPC trainers all over the place that teach pretty much every skill, but they charge for it - the amount of dough needed is the same as the amount of XP needed to train that skill. If you need to know where these trainers are, check out the telephone pole on the 600 block of High Street in Freedom City, there are flyers posted.

There's some other garbage you should know. Having a 0 RAW skill sucks hard - you get a huge penalty to your Total score for it, so find somebody to teach you up to at least 1 if you want to use that skill. You're going to want to have a Climb skill of around 5 or 6 if you don't want exploring HellMOO to turn into a gross, frustrating misadventure. Some skills are used automatically when attacking, swimming or driving, and some are used manually when you invoke a certain command.

Skill List

Here is a breakdown of a few skills - keep in mind HellMOO is a work and progress, and this isn't a complete list.

  • Dodge - used for dodging and bein' shifty in combat. Automatically used. Usefulness rating: Very useful. High dodge allows you to not got destroyed without good armor in combat.
  • Quickdraw - for pulling stuff out in combat, and instigating Mexican standoffs. Automatically used. Usefulness rating: Semi useful. It allows you to quickly wield a new weapon in combat. It also affects your ability to pull the cord on parachutes and your success in aiming firearms at people.
  • Fists - determines your skill in fisticuffs. Automatically used. Usefulness rating: Very Useful. It's one of the games most popular weapon skills, and it can be pretty powerful endgame.
  • Craft - for craftin' stuff, like guns and drugs. Manually used. Usefulness rating: Very Useful. Many awesome things in the game are made via craft, and crafters are very popular in corporations (The games clans or guilds, basically)
  • Repair - for putting back together your shitty armor after a shoggoth barfs on you. Manually used. Usefulness rating: Pretty useful. Armor and weapons break over time, and need to be repaired periodically so they don't completely break and become useless.
  • Locksmith - helpful for breaking and entering. Manually used. Usefulness rating: Very Useful. When used in conjunction with hack, you can pick locks if your hack and locksmith totals are high enough, which is a very useful skill.
  • Climb - for climbing up, or, ahem...goin' down. Automatically used. Usefulness rating: Pretty Useful. Exploring the world of Hellmoo requires a lot of climbing, and fucking up a climb can seriously injure or kill you.
  • Appraise - determining how useful that garbage you just picked up is. Manually used. Usefulness rating: Completely Worthless. You'll rarely ever have to have any total in appraise. DO NOT TAG
  • Medic - for stuffing your guts back into your stomach and eyeballs back into your sockets. Manually used. Usefulness rating: Very Useful. Treating diseases and injuries is important, and a good enough medic can treat brain damage, a pretty bad debuff for some people.
  • Swim - for getting around in water. Automatically used. Usefulness rating: Kinda Useful. Having good swim allows you to swim in the ocean with the fishies, even though some of them will try and kill you. DO NOT TAG
  • Scavenge - looking around for cash and prizes! Manually used. Usefulness rating: Pretty Useful. Scavenging in places is the only way to find certain crafting parts.
  • Hack - for totally hacking the Gibson. Manually used. Usefulness rating: Very Useful. When used in conjunction with Locksmith, you can pick locks if your hack and locksmith totals are high enough, which is a very useful skill.
  • Pilot - useful for cruising around in junkers and UFOs. Automatically used. Usefulness rating: Pretty Useful. This allows you to fly your ungrateful friends places in your expensive, easily crashable plane. If you have one, that is.
  • Rifle - this is for fighting. Automatically used. Usefulness rating: Very Useful. High-end rifles are very fast, and capable of incredible amounts of damage, much more than pistols. However, the necessity of a lot of brawn makes it so you don't have the option of doing anything brainy.
  • Ride - this is for riding your motorcycle on that huge ass speedway. Usefulness rating: Kinda Useful. You can ride skateboards and motorcycles, but you rarely would need to, so it's more of a gimmick. DO NOT TAG
  • Pistol - this is for fun. Automatically used. Usefulness rating: Very Useful. Pistols are another popular weapon skill, and they use the same stats as Blades, so people often choose both blades and Pistols together at character generation.
  • Blades - for cutting people up, and chopping them down. Automatically used. Usefulness rating: Very Useful. Blades are a pretty popular weapon skill, and it is easy to find blades early on. But, the best blade in the game, the Shiver sword, requires fuel and it is a pain to use.
  • Clubs - not golf, you dipshit. It's for brainsmashing. Automatically used. Usefulness rating: Fairly Useful. Clubs is one of the less popular weapon classes, as Fists are much better later on in the game. But clubs can block attacks better than fists.
  • Throw - the age-old art of hurling TVs at your enemy. Manually used. Usefulness rating: Completely Worthless. There is only one actual weapon meant to be thrown in the game, the Shuriken. And it sucks. The only thing throw is really used for is throwing grappling hooks up a climb to make climbing up it easier. DO NOT TAG
  • Chemistry - cookin' up tasty amphetamines and psychoactives. Manually used. Usefulness rating: Pretty Useful. Chemistry can be used to make a few nice things in the game, and it is a very good way to get precious xp early on.
  • Linguist - it's fer talkin', and book-readin'. Automatically used. Usefulness rating: Utterly Worthless. It's meant to be used to understand other languages, but is really only used in fixing the UFO and the three schematics that require Linguist.
  • Fuck - making love by the fire. Manually used. Usefulness rating: Not Useful. It's main purpose is to aid lazy cybersexers and rape your opponents, but you don't need any large amount of total to do so. DO NOT TAG
  • Fish - used for catching delicious and not so delicious fish. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Manually used. Usefulness rating: Slightly Useful. You can catch fish with this, which can be sold for monies. They can also be used to attack things, but they suck at dealing damage and are not recommended for combat. DO NOT TAG
  • Sneak - used for sneaking things into prison and avoiding your dirty deeds being seen on camera. Automatically used. Usefulness rating: Somewhat useless. In order to avoid being spotted on camera, you need a high sneak total, into the 20s. This skill is only useful to Freaks due to their sneak buff and naturally high senses.
  • Torture - this is for making your enemies scream in pain. Manually used. Usefulness rating: Useless. Torture increases your critical chance on whips by a small amount, apparently.
  • Whips - hitting people and leaving bruises and scars on your enemy. Automatically used. Usefulness rating: Pretty Useful. This weapon skill doesn't require any brawn, so it is pretty useful for brains characters, but it is not as good as the other weapon skills.
  • Track - for the people who want to know where a person's been and where he's going so you can rape them. Manually used. Usefulness rating: Pretty Useful. Finding people you hate/want to kill/rob is a pretty useful skill.
  • Teach - allows you to teach players skills they may so desire. Manually used. Usefulness rating: Depends. You can teach people raws in skills if you have enough raw in that skill and enough raw in Teach, however, there is no longer a reward for doing so.
  • Persuade - For persuadin'. Automatically used. Usefulness rating: Useful. Used for scamming citizens, milking pregnant teenagers and beefalo, or to fertilize plants with the plant whisperer mutation. DO NOT TAG (You can hire gangland citizens [under cam's you own] by typing "-name hire" you can then equip them with weapons and such. See: CorpStores
  • Science - For finding out how to make that lucrative Supajunk. Manually used. Usefulness rating: Pretty Useful. This allows you to do some cool stuff in the game, like use portal guns, and use simulations, which print off recipes for making things.