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Research Simulators

Currently, there are five different research simulators in the game. They all serve one purpose: To allow someone to research and develop new recipes and schematics for items not available to the general public. Corp members can currently purchase contracts for a maximum of two simulators per corp. The contracts are for sale in the W-U building in Corpclave. The food coprocessor is an exception: it doesn't require a contract to be used, and is available for sale in Weezer Village for personal use.

The five simulators are:

Simulator What it researches
Biochemical Research Simulator Food, and drugs/medicine.
Food Coprocessor Food, and stuff.
Ballistics Research Simulator Guns. Lots of guns.
Electromechanical Research Simulator Locks, lockpicks, and other geegaws.
Metallurgy Research Simulator Metal bars, Uranium, other metal parts.


To begin research, one must have the science skill. Over 25 total science is recommended. If your raw is less than 1, you will be unable to use the research simulators at all. To begin the process, you will need to insert an item into the simulator. Usually you should try to put items that you feel are relevant to the category in which the simulator researches in. For example, if you are researching using a Biochemical Research Simulator, you probably aren't going to put a firearm trigger assembly into it.

Next, you will close the research simulator, and press start. If your science skill isn't high enough, or you forget to close the simulator you will receive a message similar to the following.

  The electromechanical research simulator emits a sudden POP! and belches white smoke.

You then will lose one of the objects inside the research machine, either that or it'll spew jets of flames and hurt and possibly kill everyone in the room. If your skill is high enough and you remember to close the simulator, you will get this:

  The electromechanical research simulator hums softly. 

Then, you will need to wait for a bit to allow for the research sim to find recipes matching the item you inserted. When the process is complete, you will get the following message:

  The electromechanical research simulator beeps three times.  "PLAUSIBILITY ANALYSIS COMPLETE."

There are two routes from here. One is if the machine successfully finds a match and pulls up a result, and one is failure to find a match or pull up a result. Failure is:

  "Considering 0 vector crossings."
  The electromechanical research simulator says, "0 possible research targets identified."

This means that the item you placed inside is either not relevant and/or yielded no research results. You will then need to return back to the beginning, where you will place another item into the simulator, close it, and try again.

Success will look similar to this:

  "Considering 1 vector crossings."
  The ballistics research simulator says, "1 possible research targets identified."

From here, you should look at the simulator, and pick one of the targets that are shown. You select the target by the corresponding number to the left side of the word "Target." You will proceed to place items into the simulator, attempting to discover all of the parts required to completely discover your target. You identify the parts required when you look at the simulator.

  An LCD screen lists possible research targets:
  1. Target 529A (4 items)

You will sometimes encounter vague results such as "a part(s) is missing." Just continue to try parts in the machine until you discover all of the parts required to make the thing. When you discover all the parts required, you will be able to print the recipe or schematic off. You can then assemble the item using the appropriate workbench.

Common Scientific Methods

  • The Standard Mind-Bogglingly Inefficient Method This from what i can tell is what the admins think players were supposed to do. You put a random item into your Simulator of Choice, CLOSE THE SIM (you wouldn't believe how many people don't), and push start. Then select one of the fun little letter/number science ID numbers that look something like this: (E395). Now stick random items in the Simulator and close it, eventually after hours of inserting random things you might find what you're looking for (but you probably won't).
  • The List Method Ok this method is a little more logical and commonly used. Put random items in the Simulator like The Standard Method except when the Simulator displays the research numbers of the item you put in write that part and all the numbers down on apiece of paper and reset the Simulator.This Method allows you to unlock multiple inventions at one time, however it can be annoying because the Simulator will only show up to three different ID numbers at one time for each part so you spend a lot of time trying to free up your circuit boards and quickmold plastic for the next invention.
  • The ENEMA Method This method is probably the most used these days as it requires no real powers of deduction to operate. Simply place your first item in your Simulator, close it, push start, then select a ID number when it comes up. After you've selected the ID number you want to discover you mash on the start button of your Simulator until it tells you all the parts of whatever you're trying to discover. (Note: I labeled this the ENEMA method because they were the first corp I heard of doing this on a major scale, however someone else may have thought of it first and just been less open with it.)


There is a TV-channel dedicated to science called SCI that will randomly show pieces of various inventions. You should also check out *rumors regularly as the Admins usually post something to the list if they add a new invention to the game.

Extra Information

  • The minimum required amount of science is 1 raw. The higher your science skill, the less fuckups you will have. Also, your chance for fuckups increases if you have more parts in the machine during research.
  • You don't need to have more than one part in the machine to research the entire recipe. You only really need to have one part: the very first part you used to identify the vector.
  • CLOSE THE SIMULATOR when you're selecting a research or starting a research.
  • It is safe to put only 1 part to get research IDs, do not attempt to put many different parts to research different IDs, it will be painful. It should be safe to place all the known parts into the simulator as long as they are part of the ID being researched.

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