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SlashFic -- Slashfic winners!

Stories -- Because the word "fanfiction" makes me cringe


MegaDrive has currently released 4 different sets of songs containing music for areas in the Hell world: HellMOOsic Volume 1, HellMOOsic Volume 1.5, HellMOOsic Volume 2, HellMOOsic Volume 3, HellMOOsic Volume 4, and HellMOOsic Volume 5

They are downloadable on his website, for free at


Player submitted doodlings.

In addition to these images there is also some great stuff at Deviant Art.


People that only submitted one crappy fan-art.

Playing HellMOO on Christmas - Kennon
Dead Yetis - Wilson
Dino Toi love - Tsukasa

Dinoslap - Jutturna
So futile - Cheechlizard
Let's yiff - cloudpaladn
Disruptor - Yeznik
Adminland - Czernobog
The Forest Heart n' Twerp - Pratty
Colecovision Self Portait - Colecovision
Doctah - Ray_Wright
Scrambles - profit
Carebear: The Motion Picture: The Musical - Eggums

'Art' by Jed

Chuman - Allah
Jailbreak - Allah
Welp. - Allah

'Art' by Coppelia

IM A CAT. .__o M E O W - Coppelia
gggggs is a cat too - Coppelia

~arte~ by Stabs

no that's ok you can go fuck yourselves

'Art' by 76Moogle

yup - 76Moogle

Art by Ghozt

bottle green haired milkmaid Ghozt

'Art' by RooRoo

Roo - RooRoo
Rooroo - RooRoo

'Art' by Goasts

Zaylin and Goasts - Goasts
ShezDog - Goasts
Charlatan, shaman of the Glass Mesa - Goasts


goasts, the coolest - Arachnotron
freedom city first crayons - Arachnotron

'Art' by 63Emmah

Yes, I now know Gheydorah has 3 heads. >:( - 63Emmah
Eazy the horsefucker - 63Emmah

Art by Ghosty

I love chuds! - Ghosty
Naoki vs Cainosaurus - Ghosty
First ghost on the moon - Ghosty
kawaii - Ghosty

Art by Nox

4th and High - Nox
clone tank - Nox
Zombie self portrait - Nox

'Art' by 0

My HellMOO Experience - 0
The Death of the V2 Drache. - 0

'Art' by Cockler

Roar - Cockler
Cheechlizard. - Cockler
Boloshell lol. - Cockler
Roos. - Cockler

'Art' by Thaddeus

The prorphan Thaddeus
Charlatan bowls with Thaddeus in attendance - Thaddeus
Lord_Doom invades slagtown - Thaddeus
A first person view of DFP stabbing a scrub in the eye with an inductor -Thaddeus

'Art' by Naoki

Admin Land - Naoki
Admin Land Hrist Edition - Naoki
Admin Vs Burnsoul - Naoki
Aristurtle - Naoki
C-bog B-bog Representation - Naoki
Naoki and Caino - Naoki
UNF UNF - Naoki
Cake Shitters V - Naoki
Professional Eater's Final Words - Naoki
Hey everybody, it's Vince with the Kraken - Naoki
Town Hall Meeting Conclusion - Naoki
Zotnet daily - Naoki
Player caused disaster - Naoki
Ellyo gangrape. - Naoki
Arch-Enemies4LYFE. - Naoki
Adminrape - Naoki
Khaoki vs Gheyadora - Naoki
Fishin with Patchouli - Naoki
Volin NO DON'T - Naoki
Hellmoo Mute Class - Naoki
Kill Normie - Naoki
Naoki's perspective of "YAY!" - Naoki
Can't escape - Naoki
An old vampire's wish - Naoki

'Art' by Snakebitch

Snakebitch VS Naoki Pt1 - Snakeman
Snakebitch vs Karnivores - Snakeman
Scytherape - Snakeman
Prevenge is a cheater ;__; - Snakeman
Snakebitch vs Naoki Pt2 - Snakeman
House Party! - Snakeman
The Zaylin of today - Snakeman
Zed vs Goasts - Snakeman
War on Necropolis - Snakeman
What really happened in "YAY!"Snakeman
You're gonna love my nuts. - Snakeman
Oh here it is! - Snakeman

What Dagon does in his free time. - Snakeman
Shield your eyes. - Snakeman
Oh wait what's this - Snakeman
Scanlocks? More like Pro-locks. - Snakeman
Ohhh that was quite unexpected - Snakeman
Stepping up his game the "eazy" way. - Snakeman
Oh we so tuff - Snakeman
What a fine young gentleman - Snakeman
Best way to David achievement. - Snakeman

'Art' by Darton

Snakebitch - Darton
Thabit - Darton
Emmah (yes I know this sucks balls) - Darton
Aristotle - Darton
Alastor - Darton
Darton - Darton
Gilmore's Ass (animooted \o/ (It looks shitty from this resolution, click it to see it in all its glory)) - Darton
Erich - Darton
My first visit to the Bugqueen - Darton
Naoki <3 Cain! - Darton
SCRUBS - Darton

'Art' by Volin

Fish - Volin
.weep - Volin
Ok who gave them guns... walkie talkies - Volin
And boy is my dick tired - Volin
Rendition of Luskentyre for Necanthrope - Volin
Rendition of Anyport for Zaylin - Volin
Not kosher - Volin
This amuses me. --NecanThrope
WHO WILL WIN!? for Ammut - Volin
Bob Ross for Hrist - Volin
It will never end - Volin
HAWT for Heroic_Age (with help from Necanthrope) - Volin
Sexy for Necanthrope - Volin
HAW HAW for asquidneck - Volin
:) - Volin
:D for Alastor - Volin
Angry Mutant Squid appears for Zaylin - Volin
Poster for Snakebitch - Volin
MY EXPLOITS! for Necanthrope - Volin
Please go away - Volin
You don't have to pose for me - Volin
XxX - Volin
Tune in next time - Volin
Friend or Foe!? - Volin
My Hero - Volin
My Hero - Volin
Thanks for holding my hat. - Volin
Ayyyy! - Volin
Rendition of the Bradbury - Volin
<3 - Volin
There is no escape - Volin
Idea by Cockler - Volin
Collage of Admins. - Volin
You say something? - Volin
DRS = SKUM - Volin
Mr. Nice Guy strikes again - Volin
Robosteve's How to be an annoying fuck. - Volin
Tell lies. It makes you feel better. - Volin
<3 Bitch. - Volin (This is the greatest picture ever. -Snakeman)
I'm a goasts rawr. - Volin
Run Goasts Run. - Volin
Beep boop. - Volin
Why hello there. - Volin
:D - Volin
Jerkpire skum. - Volin
He's ready to blow - Volin
Thieves stole my HAT! - Volin
Yeehaw - Volin
Creepy. - Volin
Too bad so sad. - Volin
Your limbs turn into fishing poles. Is this awesome Y/N. - Volin
YAY! - Volin
Tardcopter. - Volin
Ain't I a stinker. - Volin
0 vs. Volin. - Volin
He is all out of gum. - Volin
FACE! - Volin
GATTAI! more like GAYTAI! amirite. - Volin
They will never let each other go. - Volin
WHERE IS HE!?!?!?!?!?!. - Volin
Pimpinest dinosir around. - Volin
Sir. - Volin
B) - Volin
Time loops. - Volin
See you next time true believers. - Volin
To the bar. - Volin
Tune in next time. - Volin
~Fin~ - Volin
Fuck all all - Volin
The best kind of mayor. - Volin
I think I am addicted to Sir. - Volin
Yup. Addicted. - Volin
[ You gained fetish points in Sir! ] - Volin
They see me rollin'. They be hatin'. - Volin
Oh so sketchy. - Volin
Call now for hot zeppelin on zeppelin action. 5.99 a minute. - Volin
Rest well my friend. - Volin
Once more into crappy sketchs. - Volin
Listed with the names of bros. Volin
faaaaaaaaart Volin
.... Volin
fuck you zaylin. Volin
My typical day in hellmoo. Volin
Learning from dah best BI Volin
In space no one can hear you hurf durf Volin
Unf. Volin
.beetz Volin
.beetz Volin
.beetz Volin
.neetz volin
.beetz Volin
Begggesnjamin and the World of Dilz Volin
bromance is a wonderful thing Volin
*sigh* Volin
boom Volin
awww Volin
Your legendary inferiority eggVolin
weird Volin

'Art' by Uriel

Art Moved to Uriel's Art

Also see Uriel's Stories

Art by Taz

Untitled -Taz
Untitled -Taz
Untitled -Taz
The Depths of Crater Forest -Taz
Down the Abandoned Highway -Taz
Taz UC in Freedom -Taz
Monique -Taz


Masterpieces by Lorde Doome

heh, you're pretty good

a portrait of ocelot
dfp asked for a portait
but now he is thinking with portals
this is unironically what a food coprocessor looks like. I know this because I asked dagon, who is not a pedophile.

'Art' by Chimaera

'Art' by Elth

a massive blob of writhing 10-year old flesh
The logical conclusion of Ula attacking an abom with a whip
Baldr asked Elth to draw Baldr
so Elth drew Baldr
say B)
this is stabs as he appears in HellMOO canon

'Art' by Crisis

Trip to mount fisty - Crisis
Forgot to land - Crisis
Me and my HEV Suit - Crisis

'Art' by Eternity

100% accurate picture of Tholluxth
Self portraitification
Thessala and his hairgel

'Art' by Dibolcrif

Easiest commission ever

Art by Flah

Yung_Venuz - Flah
Poet - Flah

Shit Finger Paintings by Avery

struck me in the groin like how tesla was struck by lightning - Avery
jman :^) - Avery
tfw terrible at cerb - Avery

Art by skink

Domestic Alt Abuse
JUNK locks themselves out of their hq
Doodles featuring Skink, Tulip and GhostFetishist
Pinkboy and LoveMachine
The Day CLOWNS Clown'd Themselves
The Day CLOWNS Clown'd Themselves BONUS
Vista the grill

100% organic home-grown memes by Cynder

Chubs versus Zotnet
Ace_of_Chubs for Prog
Nerf Clair
How to save HellMOO
Kiwikillerz encounters a fister
Necan teaching Adria how to be smooth
The death of SUN: The Documentary
Talk shit get *ata'd
MEME exposed
Crashing this plane (with no survivors)
Abom problems
My HellMOO experience
Drug meal changes

Official MEME brand memes by LoveMachine

The admin conundrum
Tenren fine-tuning the MOO
Endgame content
I was only pretending to be a retarded prog

Art by Megadrive

Left Behind

Art by Irad

Avery by Irad

Art by Sobek

[zotnet] Chinaski says, "nobody is eavesdropping and worst case even if they are they also volunteer to create content for a game you enjoy"

Art by Gumiri

Violaceus ("It's vio's portrain as I call now")
Violaceus ("why am I topless, vio said, so drew another, dunno doodled enough.")
jolly good time with racist 1
jolly good time with racist 2
jolly good time with racist 3
Ants of Crater Newclear Forest ("because just oversized insects are too boring. and yes, I mistook the name first.")
Asshole Bears hiding in Weezer
"when Leila awesomely defibbed me in riverbend, Weezer."
"Just my gears"
"My interpretation of Tire armor (rough, never mean to be done)"
"gas mask : intake pipe"
"Don't smoke and panic"
"F.C.E.F soldier - terrorise and lollygagging in necro."
"camping around crater forest with Leila"
"Nobody in particular but spears with duster on."
"suck addiction is actually a problem." - a very racist image, showing clearly how the feed-shaming is still prevalent in hell culture.
gypper and his whip
Leila of TNC
dogsweat as abomination
"me in rat fursuit (found in HQ)"
"Bois watchin' SINEMIN masterpiece in HQ" (LonghooseMcWackado's SkateBoard Z
"me with various weapon choice"
"gypper testing his new weapon"
"recently me running around with abossegai"

Art by Howl

Any Port