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Were you perhaps looking for the movie Plant Whisperer? Find it here.

Plant whisperer is a mutation that trades a Persuade buff and the ability to harvest plants that are out of season for constant environmental debuffs. It is one of the least popular mutations in the game, and is generally regarded as doing more to harm a build than help it.


Plant Whisperer is located in the Crater Forest, at the tree's heart. To the far north of the forest are two climbs; atop these climbs (50m each) lies the Heart. The path contains many treemen, which are extremely dangerous to low-level players; prospective mutants should either be well-prepared for combat or extremely cautious.


   Passive: +1 Persuade
   Passive: 100% resistance to pregnancy.
   Passive: Ejaculate becomes sap.
   Passive: Stress gain on any tile with a plant.
   Passive: Affected by weather (see below).
   fert*ilize command: Use the persuade skill to force plants to bear fruit.


  • +1 Persuade The persuade skill is highly situational, and this is a small buff, but it does help with fert.
  • Fertilizing. This is very rarely useful; there are many plants in the game, but only a tiny fraction are useful, and as soon as they are in season, this ability has almost no value.
  • Sap ejaculate. This is only useful with Fuck Machine, with which Plant Whisperer mutants can cum on themselves to buff their own Climb skill. This is rarely useful.


  • Debuffs from weather. Almost all of Plant Whisperer's environmental effects are negative, some are very annoying, and a couple are dangerous. The buffs are weak, and when taken in tandem with the fact that they almost all require a Tier-2 soak mutation to work, their value is through the floor.
  • Requires fungilex. Plant whisperers must keep fungilex close and ready to administer in case of poor weather effects. This requires crafting the fungilex, and a competent medic to administer it, increasing the amount of babysitting that this mutation requires.
  • Stress from plants. The stress is a very minor annoyance.


Plant Whisperer has two effects of note: The fertilize command, and the weather effects passive.


Using Fertilize will roll the mutant's Persuade skill; on a successful roll, the plant will bear fruit. This command has a few considerations:

  • The fruit that the plant bears will always be in the usual amount that the plant bears, meaning that an ephedra bush which normally yields five leaves will also yield five leaves on being fertilized.
  • Fertilize has an invisible cooldown specific to each plant that it is used on. If a plant that has already been fertilized recently has another fert attempt made upon it, this will automatically fail, regardless of the mutant's persuade skill.
  • Plants can be fertilized out of season, and will bear fruit as normal.
  • With a plant that is in season, three yields can be taken, on cooldown: The first one regularly, the second one on the next heartbeat thereafter, whereupon the plant will replenish naturally, and then a third time immediately after that, with an artificial harvest from fertilize.
  • Empath mutants get a hidden bonus to the fertilize roll.

Successfully fertilizing a plant will also grant the dendrophilia fetish, which is a special plants-only fetish.

Weather Passives

Plant whisperer's are affected, and often afflicted, by weather. Some of the effects are diseases; all diseases can be transmitted between plant whisperers, and all can be cured with a fungilex hypo. Current weather can be ascertained by looking at the sky, and will also usually show on a tile's description if @prefs showdesc is set to 1. Weather can only affect a plant whisperer on outdoors tiles; indoors tiles will never carry effects. All effects have a chance of being applied every heartbeat that the plant whisperer is inside the weather.

What follows is a list of the weathers and their effects:

  • Sunlight, Clear, Windy (during the day): Can recover from revival sickness (this is largely obviated by Iron Liver). If the mutant has Solar Sponge, they will grow less hungry over time.
  • Rain, Drizzle, Thunderstorm: If mutants have solar sponge, they will grow less thirsty.
  • Overcast, Foggy: No effects.
  • Radstorms, Heavy Radstorms (often encountered in the Necropolis): If mutants do not have Silicone Skin, they can be afflicted by radioactive fungus pods, which increase rates of hunger and thirst.
  • Ashstorms (encountered in the Screaming Chasm): The mutant has a chance of developing cancer.
  • Rotwind and Sandstorms (encountered in the Necropolis' Heart and desert zones respectively): If mutants do not have lithodermis, they can develop fungal blight, which inflicts progressively worsening debuffs. If left too long, it progresses into an incurable stage with even worse debuffs.
  • Acid Fog (very common in the Necropolis): Can inflict fear on plant whisperers.
  • Snow, Blizzards (very common in Weezer Dam and Weezer Village): If mutants do not have yeti fur, they can develop snow mold, which if left untreated can cause brain damage or mental illness.


This mutation will add the following line to a character's appearance:

   ReadTheFineWiki's skin has a light-green hue.

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