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A gunman has got to keep his cool and have the reflexes to take the best possible shot.


The ability to use one-handed firearms in combat.

This skill affects how likely you are to hit someone with any kind of one-handed fired weapon -- revolvers, semi-automatic pistols, dart pistols, and the like.

Pistols are an interesting and viable weapon for a plethora of reasons:

  • Using only one hand greatly helps healing in combat or any other auxiliary item.
  • Pistols cannot be parried and all guns effectively halve your opponents dodge, meaning high hit-percentage at low skill is very possible.
  • Pistols do bullet damage which is decently hard to soak among several other very unique damage types.
  • It is a great secondary weapon for blades users.
  • With enough brawn and accuracy, pistols can be dual wielded for a significant boost in speed and effective damage. (Thank you, Tenren.)

Cons to Pistols:

  • Good ammo is expensive or craft-only.
  • You cannot parry an attack with a pistol, meaning you have to rely solely on your armor and or dodge to protect your ass.
  • During combat you will have to reload, this can cost valuable time in a battle.
  • Dual wielding does nothing to your effective DPS, don't do it.
  • Pistols lack high damage potential compared to rifles; in most scenarios rifles are better.

See Weaponry for more details.

Guide to Pistols

This is a guide to the more common pistols found throughout Hell. All pistols use brawn to determine attack speed.

You really can't shoot a thing

  • AirSoft target pistol - This thing is useful for getting that first pistol raw of yours. Ammo for this can be found at Liddy Arms in the vending machine downstairs.

Starter Pistols

These guns have cheap ammo that can readily be bought in the automats in front of Ammu-Nation.

  • .22 Revolver - Due to how insanely weak it is, it makes the perfect early-game grind weapon. Its speedloads are the size of tin cans, they hold 20 rounds each.
  • Defender 6mm - Much stronger than the .22 revolver, these can be obtained by shoving rent-a-cops down the stairs, these dudes are often found patrolling in NPC housing.
  • Powersquirt - This gun does acid or fire damage and is quite fast, however the ammo is more than three times as expensive as 6mm rounds. These can be bought at 77Jack's Gun Room as well as in Camp Benjamin, ask a corpmate to help you get one if you cant get it yourself. This pistol can be used for a long time, and is an excellent candidate to be modded and kept for farming acid/fire vulnerable enemies or other special purposes. If you can get your hands on a few freakbile powersquirt clips this weapon is terrifying, able to dish out enough acid damage to rival and even exceed most other end game guns.

Intermediate Pistols

These pistols are just a step above the starters in terms of skill and will help you increase your raws.

  • Nail Gun - These are crafted and ammo is extremely cheap and is found at the hardware store, HH on the map. 50 shots a clip, these will be good from 2-4 raw. The supreme grinding gun, use this to get to your fifth raw.
  • Kel-tec P11 9mm - The cheaper 9mm pistol, also good from 2-4 raw if you cant get a corpmate to make a nail gun. Can be bought at Liddy Arms.
  • 9mm Beretta - The alternative to the Kel-tec P11, this gun is more expensive but it does 2 more min and max damage. Also found at Liddy Arms and also at Ammu-Nations and 77Jack's. Obtained for free from the Edith's Doll journal however.
  • Walther P99 - The more expensive version of the 9mm Beretta, scales better, and more expensive compared to the 9mm Beretta. Bought from Pegleg Pete.
  • Sawn-Off Shotgun- A great gun to use when you don't feel like wasting your good ammo, fires the standard array of shotgun shells.
  • .44 Revolver- Don't ask why the next two revolvers in terms of skill shoot smaller bullets but this is the revolver option for 2-4 raw. Found at 77Jack's. With hand-loads the damage is close to that of the Desert Hawk.
  • Snubnosed .38 Revolver- Good from 3-5 raw, the ammo for this and the next pistol are shared.
  • .357 Revolver - Good from 4-6 raw, can use both .38 specials and .357s just like the .38 before it. This and the last are the only two viable weapons for grinding your sixth and last raw of pistols and they're both six-shooters, have patience.

Late Game Pistols

You get the endgame pistols very early on in the game and there is very little variation, maybe this will change in the future.

  • 12mm Hammerhead pistol - This is every gunslinger's bread and butter gun. You need to learn pistols past 6 from trainers/players so this is pretty much it. These can be found in just about every stocked corp store.
  • 12mm Viper pistol - +3 tohit and 1-1 more damage over a regular Hammerhead in exchange for being .2 speed slower. Still arguably better.
  • 12mm FlugHammer pistol - A fully modded Hammerhead, a status symbol among pistolers. When you see someone with one of these you know they've done some shit, or at least paid someone else who did.
  • Super Shorty - Oh boy! A not 12mm late game pistol, this is a sawn-off on roids. 13-* skill raw required, uses the same ammo as other shotguns. Has a really really fast speedcap of 2.6, but you probably don't have the brawn for it. Deadly for pvp as it can fire elemental shells many armors can't soak.

So you wanna akimbo these bitches?

Dual wielding as a whole isn't good for pistols. No, you don't shoot twice the bullets. You shoot hella slower in most cases to the point you might as well throw your pistol for better results.

But if you want to: there is a small use of dual-wielding that doesn't fuck you over.

This was changed to be useful a while back. See below. (Say thank you to Tenren.)

DUAL-WIELDING THE SAME TYPE OF PISTOL WITH THE SAME SPEED - This effectively increase your clip size by the two clips. Basically, you can fire more shots before you need to reload. But be ware, you will reload longer since you will reload both guns. This is recommended if using a gun like the .71 Desert Hawk, since they have such a low clip size of 5, dual-wielding 2 of them is recommended.

ADDENUM TO DUAL-WIELDING - Since various pistol changes these things can now be dual wielded for an effective increase speed and killing power at the cost of accuracy (a whopping -7 tohit) and a much higher brawn requirement for speed capping. Most dual pistols such as twin Hammerhead/Viper 12mms and Powersquirts will speed cap at 20 brawn, provided they are modded with recoil suppressors. (22 for buffered Desert Hawks!) If managed properly, a berserk dual wielding pistolero is terrifying. It is highly advised that pistol users take the large costs of this potential into account while allocating gym stats.

COUNTER AIMING - You can counter aim, if quickdraw is high enough, 2 people. Please follow the tip above about use same type/same speed pistols.

*1 HANDED WEAPON/PISTOL COMBO - Normally this is ill-adivsed due to the speed conflicts, which would drastically slow you down. However, with testing, the powersquirt can be dual wielded with a 1 handed, fast (crime stick, kukri, fine katana etc) weapon and actually be somewhat viable. For best effect, use freakbile clips. It is quite interesting.

Other Pistols

These are other pistols that can be found around Hell, often situational or weird. You can assume that ammo can be a hassle and is most likely crafted or found rarely as a drop.

  • Dart Pistol - These pistols do all of barely any damage and knock targets the fuck out. Fires black sleep clips
  • Needler - These things will more likely be used on you should you piss off Corpclave, they paralyze the fuck out of you. Fires curare needles. Curare is only effective against unarmored targets.
  • Harpoon Pistol - A rare find under the sea. These do a large amount of stab damage, harpoon clips are pricey and can be found at BlastArms in the Crater. Use these for lucky shots on vampires.
  • Flechette Pistol - A pistol that fires flechettes that do slash damage instead of shot. Useful against zombies but overall a bad gun. Fires Flechette Clips.
  • Needle Pistol - These do slash, stab, and the coveted bleed damage and are fast. Ammo ISN'T a bitch with these, buy clips for it at BlastArms in the Crater.
  • Lizard Gun - It is a dinosaur that fires a bullet. Fires a .40 slug. Single shot only. Gimmick weapon, used to make lasblasters.
  • TT-77 - This pistol is sad. It cries for the day it can be happy. Fires the big 14.5mm anti-material round at the same damage as a beretta.
  • .71 Desert Hawk - If its rusty, it'll explode eventually. If not, have fun as it hits pretty hard. Fires, obviously the .71 round fairly quickly with enough brawn and mods.
  • Samaritan - Big Fucking Gun, it is slow and has a tendency to explode an enemy. Fires the massive .92 round.

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