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Persuade is the skill for gentlemen adventurers. You may have noticed these good men on your travels, they shun traditional weapons and armor in favor of a fine walking stick and clothes cut from only the most elegant of cloths and the prey they stalk is neither man nor beast but your coin purses and your women folk for lusty nights beneath their sheets.
The noble, and often frowned upon by the law, art of persuasion requires brains to outsmart your prey and cool because a cheeky wink goes a long way in this day and age.

President of Wigeria

Persuade offers the modern gentleman a variety of avenues on which to persue his fortune but it is not without riks and requires a great investment but first you must look the part.
We are what we wear and this applies more than ever in this case, investing in your appearance increases your persuasive talent. Why, who among us would dare doubt a geniune gentleman resplendant in all his finery? Every man knows his place and there is nothing like several thousand dollars worth of dazzling jewelry to blind the peasants to your true intentions.
While we are on the subject of clothing I just so happen to have a cousin who works as a seamstress at one of the counties finest bespoke outfitters, none of those second hand, blood stained, rags that the working classes seem to adore. I've no doubt that as an intermediary we could come to some sort of arrangement, if you know what I mean and I'm sure you do.

Freedom City Shuffle

The Glum Dripper, Three Card Marvin, Swiss Soylent, the Molegull Drop, the Ragged Robbed Traveller, Lurleen Tea, the old tricks are the best tricks especially the Freedom City Shuffle. What's the Freedom City Shuffle? It's when you go left and Bruce Willis snaps your neck and sells your kidneys on the black market.
Now that you're all dressed up and you've washed the teeth and guts out of your hair it's time to hit the streets. Every person you see and pass on the street has a fat credchip on his wrist and nothing but porn and sad american beer to spend it on, it is your god given duty to bring a little sunshine and hope into their tragic little lives and lighten their wrists a little.
Find your mark, compose yourself, stow your weapons and simply scam rube. The mark may fall for your brilliantly composed verse and pay you a handsome sum in which case it would be wise to take to your heels before the crushing realisation of his foolish actions dawns upon him. Or perhaps the John may not be interested in your amateur fumblings and wave you away or, worse still, inform the law. Once the rozzers are alerted it would be wise to make good your exit for calmer scenes and smaller schemes

This parrot is obviously a demonstration model

You shouldn't limit yourself to tomfoolery in the streets with the average Joe, even the shopkeeps and traders are vulnerable to your charm and wit and you should treat their trade prices as a thrown gauntlet, a challenge to your manhood.
When attempting to aquire goods at a more reasonable price you need to let the clerk know that you know what he knows about you know what by employing the ancient and forgotten art of haggle item. Haggling is like chess except with money and trinkets and the possibility of a five stretch in the slammer or fencing budget goods to the commoners.

UNF! I want your stemen all over my tits

Even in a community of distinguished gentlemen such as ours there are deviants amongst us who shun the hunt and the riches in favor of more base rewards, who waste their talents on amusingly shaped vegetables and toxic fruits and spend their time not among women but in the vast wastes and trails. These men are known as Plant Whisperers for their disgusting talent to commune with the natural world and they should be avoided, mostly because they smell very bad.

More information can be found at Scam.

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