North Beach

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Looking for a scenic escape from the piss-stained couch in your apartment? Head on out to Northern Beach for a day in the sun!

Location: North of Northwest Gangland.

Enemies: Crabs, Lobstrosities, carnies, mimes and clowns.

Haggard Old Man
Roaming around the beach you'll find the haggard old man. Make sure you talk to him to find out a bit about his past. He's also a delivery point for Fat Ratzo's packages from Any Port.

Amusement Park
A former highlight of Freedom City, the now rundown Amusement Park is home to it's former employees. Carnies, clowns, and mimes skulk around the shadows here. They aren't looking to give you the type of ride you'd expect.

Lobstrosities and Crabs
When the sun goes down and the beach cools, you'll find mutant lobsters and crabs roaming the western end of Northern Beach. There is also a large underwater lair if you can find it, directly off the coast. They aren't friendly and will attack on sight, so watch your two-piece! They are usually good for XP around early to mid-game.


. . %%%%\/%%%%<>. /|++|\\\####

^^ = ocean
`. = sand
AP = Amusement Park
|| = boardwalk
## = Northern Beach entrance
** = camp fire, grill, and shower

- Find a conch shell and listen to it a few times for some juicy journal hints.
- Lobsters and Crabs only come out late at night, usually after 10 or 11pm. Before that they lurk under the surface of the water, ready to gang up on the unwary swimmer.
- Prisoner hunter and racist hunter contracts sometimes spawn here. They are usually on the western end of the beach, but can also be found throughout the water all around the beach.
- Don't lightheartedly venture into the lobster's lair, there are tons of them and they hurt.
- Somewhere off the coast of Northern Beach lies the abandoned Sealab.