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In my opinion, most of the fun in Hellmoo comes from exploring and seeing crazy shit. This can be pretty hard to do when you first start out so I am going to list a few places you can work on your weapon skills and earn some cash so you can move on to the more fun things.

First Things First

So you just left the Museum and you aren't really sure what to do next. The hints point you in the direction of the Orphanage which is a good start. You will be fine killing there with only your Bedrock Suit or even naked. At this point you want to just save up money for a weapon of a weapon type you plan on using. The kitchen in the orphanage will have a butcher knife at times so keep an eye out. You can sell any junk you loot here at Salvage Unlimited which is shown as SU on the map and south of the orphanage. Sister Agnes who is located upstairs in the Orphanage will heal you for free if you talk to her, she will do this until you hit 4000xp so make sure to take advantage of this while you can. She also offers a job to you to kill 6 rabid orphans which will reward you with 50xp, I will list a few easy jobs you can do for experience and money at the bottom of this guide.

When murdering orphans becomes too easy or you think you are ready to move on, a good place to go is the Final Rest Home shown as RH on the map, a few spaces northwest of the orphanage. At this point hopefully you saved enough to buy a weapon and at least a few pieces of gear. Nothing here is too dangerous, just keep an eye out for the war veteran, he can mess you up pretty bad. If you are having no problems in RH you can move next door to the Crack Mansion just to change things up, nothing here should cause you too much trouble with the added benefit of finding crank every once in a while. You can also get crank from crank boulders if you have a pick axe.

From here you can you can go further west to the Crack House (CH) and kill crackfiends who are a bit harder and use rebar swords so definitely make sure you have armor before you head there. You can also go to Sharpton Interior which is located in Ganglands to the west of Freedom City and kill rats, there are a few different variations of this with mutated, huge and abnormally large being the hardest. If you have a decent salvage skill there are a lot of things you can find and sell for pretty decent cash.

Options really open up from here to places like the sewer (watch out for crocodiles up north), zombies in the Bradbury basement (bring a medic) or Rednecks in Crater Rim. At this point though I think exploring with the friends you have hopefully made by this point is the way to go.


There are a few jobs you can start doing right away to get some extra xp and extra IP in some skills.

Ratzo (Second Floor of AP) offers a package delivery job that awards varying amounts of cash per delivery and 100xp after doing 3. You can still deliver packages when the job is unavailable for some extra cash to feed your soon to come gambling addiction.

Gambler job is completed after winning 5 games in the casino and awards 50xp. This can be done on any game, I recommend Black Jack or Poker because they are both awesome. Just don't be like me and lose 100k 15 minutes after winning it.

Socializer is completed by doing one of a few different things in AP. These include armwrestling, a staring contest, buying a round of drinks, smalltalking another player playing a game of Go.

This was written mainly from my experience after not having played in over a year, I will try to add things to it as I discover more.