Necropolis Gate

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The Necropolis Gate is the first segment of Necropolis, the abandoned, haunted city full of hideous mutated freaks, zombies, ghosts, aboms, robots and other unspeakable horrors.

The Necropolis Gate is accessed by climbing the west side of the Adamant Canyon and heading westwards from there. However, you either need to kill the deadbots guarding access, use the Abom Nation's entrance, or grind up the FCEF Rep required to pass by them peacefully.

Common Enemies

  • Zombies: The Necropolis zombies are a tougher variant of zombie. They soak a lot of damage, but hit as hard and as accurate (possibly a little more) as a phage zombie. These are also the main food source of local abominations.
  • Spectres: These ghosts wander the street and attack most things on sight with their ectoplasmic whips. They are slightly harder to kill than Great Old Ones, due to their whips being PC2.
  • Junkers: These monsters are hulking constructs of stone and metal, gathered from the rubble of the streets. They hit very hard, and should be avoided unless you have good soaks and dodge, and can hit hard. If you do kill one, cut out it's animacore to sell to Basil for the junker hunter job.
  • Freaks/Abominations: Freaks use an assortment of whips, and have high dodge. They also spawn with a random focus mutation, and have a lot of fuckin' focus. Abominations are motherfucking abominations we shouldn't have to explain this shit.
  • FCEF Troops: Racist bastards. Scouts use AR-17s, Freeballa's use Hammerheads, Sarge's use Bullpups, and Commandos use AKS-74u's (yeah, those). They are feinty as hell, but are very squishy. Just screech them to make them unable to hit you.
  • Sky Pirate/Raiders: These assholes loiter on the east end of the Gate. The regular pirates just use assegais and are generally pushovers. Watch out for raiders though, as they have Flughammers loaded with chudstoppers and will fuck your shit if you're not prepared.

Special Enemies

  • Hellboy: It's Hellboy. He carries a samaritan that you get when you kill him, there also isn't a combat message when he aggros you, so you can walk up to him and give him a hug only to realize he was aiming at your face the whole time. He wanders around the gate and south Necro.
  • Usagi Yojimbo: This is the rabbit samurai, who wields a daikatana and will mess you up. He wanders from Necro to Lusk. He is very sad because he never gets his deliveries from EEE.
  • Zardoz: Are you on good terms with the FCEF? On bad terms with the Abom Nation? If you are, Zardoz is for you! He is a strong abomination who will hunt you down and attack you. Did you manage to kill him? Well, if you did, don't stick around before he says 'fuck you' in his special way.
  • Maze: A very strong freak. He wanders from Necropolis to Mt.Fisty, and often drops good loot. He does not aggro, but might call you names. You get a journal if you give him a rusty Desert Hawk. Also, speaking with him allows you to do the Freedom Fighter job. He has not been seen in a while, presumably for balance testing.