Necropolis Floodplain

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If everybody had an ocean, across the USA,
Then everybody'd be surfin', like Californ-i-a.

A giant lake of acid, the Floodplain connects Necropolis Gate with the Necropolis' Heart. Most people just pass over this place on the way to somewhere else, via the Necropolis El, but if you step out of the tram or your plane (hopefully after landing it), you can traverse the lake manually.


Care to brave the dangers of a lake of acid? You're on your own - almost everything in the floodplain is a spoiler, and barred from appearing on the wiki. Scattered geocache recordings from dead FCEF scouts reveal little:

  • The lake is acidic. It hurts if you swim in it without protection from acid, and it hurts a lot more if you can't swim at all. If there is any dry terrain, it's unlikely to be hospitable.
  • Strange fish are rumored to inhabit the place. Would someone really come this far for a fishing expedition?
  • A terrible monster supposedly calls this place its home.
  • According to those who know (or at least claim to), a tool for the genius and the insane is forgotten here, used in highly advanced crafting.

Like much of the Necropolis, large parts of the floodplains are unfinished and lacking descriptions. Part of a quest is also supposed to take place here, but it seems to be bugged. None of this is gamebreaking, however, and the area still holds some very odd features forgotten in the gameworld and real life alike. Ripe for exploration!