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The desolate ruins of a dead city, doomed to its current state by a mysterious catastrophe, which killed most of - but not quite all - of its population.

The area is mostly rubble, with the occasional acid-filled crater. Some buildings still remain, although in various states of destruction. The ruined city is now home to all manner of dangerous creatures; spectres, zombies, and the menacing junkers - animate conglomerations of the ever-present rubble.

Rumor has it that this place is the origin point of the Freak menace that now plagues Freedom City. Perhaps some exploration may reveal where they are coming from.

The Berkeley Psychic Institute, once a training ground for psychics with a mysterious goal, also made its home here. Recent discoveries have shown that all is not as it seems, and there may be someone out there who knows what the purpose of the school was.

The 'El' leads deeper into the city, crossing a massive lake of acid, where formerly hidden constructions have been revealed.

In the Heart of Necropolis live some of the most dangerous lifeforms known to man: massive creatures called nullianacs, their trained packs of horrible canine monstrosities, known as gulfhounds, and the peculiar glass trees, which will trap any passerby that wander too near. If you are brave enough to make it through, you'll find a mysteriously intact apartment complex, which hides a secret from which very few people have ever returned.

The question is, are you brave enough to go?

The Necropolis is broken up into a few major sections:

When entering Necropolis from the Western Road, your progress will initially be blocked by DeadBots. Humans or zombies can bypass these by killing necropolis zombies in the gate to gain FCEF rep, and of course anyone can get through by killing the DeadBots themselves. Pilots and those with the flight mut can bypass this checkpoint entirely by flying straight from Adamant Canyon to South Necro.

Two main factions exist in the Necropolis:

  • The Freedom City Expeditionary Force, stationed in Camp Benjamin in Southern Necro, is a human group. Zombies and humans can gain FCEF rep and use the facilities of Camp Benjamin. Commander Loveless, leader of Camp Benjamin, has a job for interested parties.
  • The Abom Nation is the collective name for all the abominations and hideous freaks that live in the Necropolis. In the society these mutants have cobbled together, only killing each other is verboten. An abomination that kills their brethren here (or a normie hunting mutants) will lose reputation with the Abom Nation, while going on a rampage against the FCEF will increase Abom Nation reputation. Only hideous freaks, abominations, and zombies and chuds can gain Abom Nation rep.

There are a few jobs you can do for the various denizens of the Necropolis, human and mutant alike. Commander Loveless in Camp Benjamin will reportedly pay anyone willing to scour the city for sensor clusters and download the data. Basil, an abomination who runs a shop in the Necro Gate, might have things for you twisted mutants to do as well.

BEWARE! FCEF scouts report a particularly vicious abomination roaming the Necro streets, hunting down those who have allied with the FCEF or angered the Abom Nation!