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Mule adds extra inventory capacity to a mutant's build. It is a very popular mutation, thanks to how universally useful inventory capacity is.


The basement of Sharpton Interior in Gangland. From the north entrance to the basement, go south until you can go west, then north, and you'll be at the mutation spot. There are two locked wooden doors in the way, which can be broken down with k door or picked. The only mobs in this area are low-level rats and chobos.


This mutation grants:

   Passive: +30% carrying capacity OR +30kg to carrying capacity (whichever is greater)
   Passive: Take stress when at very low encumbrance.


  • Carry capacity bonus. Carrying more stuff is useful to almost any build in almost any situation. It is particularly useful for scavenging, wearing heavy armor, and carrying alcohol for Iron Liver.
  • Synergizes with Lithodermis. Mutants who take Lithodermis and Mule will never suffer stress penalties for being at low encumbrance, because the passive weight boost of Lithodermis fills this gap. They will also be able to enjoy Lithodermis' extra tankiness at reduced cost, since the weight will not affect them.


  • Stress at low encumbrance. This usually arises when characters have just died and spawn with no gear. So long as they take quick steps to refill their inventory or recover their gear, it's not a problem.
  • Dubious value for high-Brawn characters. Mutants who already have great Brawn do get an increased bonus from Mule, but the returns do diminish; there is only so much carrying capacity that any one character actually needs.


Mule does not alter a character's appearance.

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