Mountain Pass

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An old map of the pass; the zone has since been expanded.

A very expansive zone west of Lurleen and east of the Open Prairie, Mountain Pass is often visited as a passageway to several other places, and for its two mutation spots and bunny spawns. The Mine, the Crater Forest, the Foggy Clearing and the Abandoned Complex can all be reached from Mountain Pass.


  • Bandits hang out near the Mine, and will throw cherry bombs down the climbs that they are near, which deal minor damage. They are dangerous to players at very low XP levels, thanks to their tendency to clump up in one area and gang up on people.
  • Yetis are here; beat damage mobs who know how to pow, which means they are likely to break bones if they hit, though they are somewhat inaccurate. They give fair XP in the very early game, but due to spawning in a remote red zone and doing scary beat damage, they are a rare grinding choice. They're worth $200 each on the Western Hunter contract.
  • Bunnies live in the southwest portion of the Pass. They're pushovers, but their pelts are used for crafting a popular armor. However, only a few spawn at a time outside of the month of March in-game!
  • Hawthorn, the abom hunter, is native to this zone (though he often wanders off to other places). He has some stuff to say about abominations, and teachers spears from 6 to 8. If he is killed, he drops a broken wristpad, which is a trophy.
  • Ted Yablonski lives in a shack here, around the middle-western part of the Pass. He teaches bombs from 4 to 15.
  • Bladefish live in the south-east part of the river here, and are only rarely aggressive.
  • Grizzly bears wander around the middle-south part of the pass, up on the highway. They are often aggressive and often horny. Their damage range is quite wide, but they have a good crit rate and lots of health, and can be dangerous to the unprepared even in the midgame. Grizzly bears are often ground for their high payout of XP (60 each) which stays strong well into the early midgame. However, Mountain Pass grizzlies don't pay anything, so people who grind them mostly kill them on grizzly bear invasion contracts in Weezer Village (which is also not a red zone) instead.
  • The Inappropriate Comedy Tree is here, an easter egg courtesy of Adult Swim. It has no interactions, nor a kill journal.


  • The Bloodhound mutation spot is here. It's at the bottom of the waterfall to the southwest.
  • The Yeti Skin mutation is found here, to the northwest, where many yetis are. It's a little northwest of Ted's shack, and then down.
  • The river to the south of this zone is a source of safe drinking water.
  • The entrance to the Foggy Clearing is here, but it doesn't show on lmap and is not immediately obvious. It's to the far north of the map, northwest of the entrance to Crater Forest.
  • An abandoned custom home is here: the Crashed C-130V. It is a very small zone with no outstanding features, but it does have a 75 XP travel journal. It's due west of Ted's shack.
  • The entrance to the Abandoned Complex is "hidden" here. There is an in-game map that's supposed to cryptically hint at its location, but almost any player can show you the exact spot. You also need a special spoiler-item to gain entrance!

A detailed map with descriptions can be found here.