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In the apocalyptic world of tomorrow, the world has only one thing in common: the monetary system. (That, and mutants roam everywhere, and you can fight anybody and anything, but bear with me, okay?)

In HellMOO, no one has any paper cash, and rarely do people barter. Instead, There is only one currency, and that is in the form of digital credits/HellMoo credit (HMC), all linked to the Freedom City Government who tracks said credits. To use credits, every human has a wristpad that displays credits and allows transfer of them between wristpads.

To take a look at how much money you have, type 'su'.

     [|||||||||||||||||||||||||||]  XP: 2339  $2,000

Your health, spendable XP, and money are shown in that order.

Money is used for a lot of things; usually, you'll use it to buy stuff from merchants. To buy something, go in their store and type 'list' to see what they have to offer. To actually buy something, type 'buy <item>' and, if you have enough credits, you'll buy it. This also works for automats (Think vending machines,) only you just look at the automat instead of typing list to find out what they sell.

Money is also used to learn skills from NPC teachers. To learn a skill from an NPC, you need the required amount of XP to learn the skill, and the required amount of money to pay the NPC. (Skill cost = Monetary cost, see help skills for more details.)

You can also use money to pay other human players; just type 'pay <x amount> to <player>'.

So, how do you earn money? Lots of ways.

There are numerous NPCs walking in town. Go up to them and ask what they need.

  -69Jane Whaddya need?
  Casull [to 69Jane]: Whaddya need?
  69Jane [to Casull]: I could use a cigarette, I need a screw, I could use a new TV, I'm hungry, and I got places to be, ya know.

Supply any of their needs and they'll usually pay you.

You can search for loot in the crack house and in the Sharpton Projects. The crack house is north of Any Port, and is designated by cm. The Sharpton Projects are in Gangland and designated by Sh. Once in either of those places, you can search the area by typing 'search'. You will look for any useful loot in the area. Then you can sell the junk to whoever buys stuff, if you know where to go. Of course, these two places aren't the only places you can find useful/valuable junk; try a search any time you feel like it. (Although if you feel like searching the area while you're in battle, you might wanna get your priorities rechecked.)

Upstairs in Any Port is Fat Ratzo. Fat, pugly, and probably piggy, but he's got jobs for you. Ask him about jobs; he could always use someone to deliver packages, and there're always some (possibly easy) bounties to kill for good cash.

Of course, you're not limited to how you can get cash just by these methods. Go ahead, check out the town. You never know. (But you can't steal cash, [un]fortunately.)



  • All money is stored in your credchip, which is in your wristpad.
  • Type 'su' to see how much money you have.
  • Use money to buy shit and learn skills from NPCs.
  • Get money by selling junk or looted items.
  • Find a corporation and join it if you're having trouble making money.