Meds 4 Less

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The antiseptic nature of this store makes it seem completely out of place in this neighborhood. The floor and walls are all spotless white, and the smell of detergent lingers in the air.

Meds 4 Less is the pharmacy in Freedom City. It is located southeast of the weapon and armor stores, represented by ML on the map. The store owner and pharmacist is the WellBot. He sells a wide variety of medical items, and a few other things you would expect to see in a pharmacy. Refer to the Medic page to determine what you need. Keep in mind all prices are due to stock changes, etc.

Example of goods for sale (prices and stock may vary!):

a white lighter                         $        7 (1 in stock)       
a pack of cigarettes                    $       15 (1 in stock)       
a pair of earplugs                      $       22 (4 in stock)       
an adrenaline injector                  $       33 (4 in stock)       
a speed hypo                            $       75 (1 in stock)       
a medium trauma kit                     $       75 (3 in stock)       
a suture kit                            $       90 (3 in stock)       
an insta-cast                           $      150 (3 in stock)       
an allomycin hypo                       $      180 (4 in stock)       
a first aid kit                         $      180 (2 in stock)       
a rad detox kit                         $      195 (3 in stock)       
a forensic kit                          $      225 (1 in stock)       
a groinex nanopoultice                  $      300 (4 in stock)       
a bottle of aspirin                     $      330 (1 in stock)       
an emergency contraceptive pill         $      375 (1 in stock)       
a bottle of hairmax pills               $      630 (3 in stock)       
a bottle of birth control pills         $      672 (1 in stock)       
a portable defibrillator                $    1,950 (1 in stock)