Medgentech Kiosk

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Incompetent son of a bitch! You need healing AGAIN! I hope they kill you next time!

The Medgentech Kiosk is located in southern Maas Neotek. It is open 24/7.

Notable Features

  • The High Density mutation spot is located here; search the tile, then go down.
  • A gammaprole stockboy tends the store. His presence is not required to buy things from the kiosk, but he does need to be there to complete Organ Repo. He's usually around from 01:00 AM to 05:00 AM.
  • This shop is the only NPC store where brain surgery kits can be purchased. It's also a freak-friendly spot for rad detox kits.
  • Hepcats sometimes linger here. They may be hostile and dangerous to low-level players, depending on the hepcat.

Goods for sale (kiosk):

a medium trauma kit           $   87
a suture kit                  $  105
an allomycin hypo             $  210
a rad detox kit               $  227
a MedGenTech Organ Extraction $  700
a brain surgery kit           $ 3500