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  • The Marked of Caine
  • Aliases: The Marked
  • Founded: Unknown. First sighted on July 28 2125. Although the Marked claim they have existed since at least the apocalypse.
  • CEO: Caine (c.ref: GEN 4:16) Fury
  • Base of Operations: Probably somewhere in the Necropolis sphere of influence.
  • Estimated Military Strength: Decent. Relatively low in numbers, but Marked tends to contain a high ratio of freaks, abominations, and other nasty things with claws to 'normal' people.
  • Estimated Economic Strength: Low. Freaks and related don't get along with others, and others are required for a functional economy (unless the freak population undergoes a large expansion).
  • Estimated Political Strength: Low. See above.
  • Overview:

Under the leadership of a figure known as Caine, the Marked seem to operate out of the blasted city of Necropolis. All reports indicate a lack of habitable structures within the city, so these rumors cannot be confirmed.

It should be noted that much of the information put out by the Marked is almost definitely exaggerated or flat-out false. Not that much information about them is put out regardless.

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