Luskentryan Mansion

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The Luskentryan Mansion is the primary structure on the Luskentyre Plateau.

Where Is It?

The mansion is located on Luskentyre, in the northwest and northernmost center square before the Suicide Rock entrance. It serves as both a player house and a contract location, but is generally a pretty horrible place to live since Luskentyre is besieged by rock lampreys 24/7.

The Mansion is very large, with five different rooms, a Basement, a center area, a third floor, an attic, and a rooftop Wife's Walk.

Most of these rooms have scant purpose, except for the attic, which houses the player apartments, and the basement, which houses the Mundane Enforcers - Luskentyre's own police force that wield Ectoplasmic whips and attack in swarms.

Otherwise, the majority of the Mansion just serves as a place for contract Lampreys to hide and for luskentyre citizens to wander around.

Why Would I Live Here?

Because Luskentyre is a very, very secluded but easily accessed apartment, that only requires a bit of rock lamprey grinding to be able to live in. While not as secluded and far out as the Freak Tunnels or as secure as Burbclave mansions, Luskentyre has the benefit of having a very high payout contract a stone's throw away from the apartments themselves.

On the topic of Freaks, Luskentyre is freak/abom friendly. At least, the contract shop is. The food shop in the mill is not, though there's almost always food available for free from the oven or icebox anyways, and tuskers outside in the pen.

Even more, this is one of Usagi Yojimbo's locations to wander around, and as such is a nice place to live if you keep getting pain in the ass packages for him from Memphis.


A force of six mundane enforcers serves as security, and although they're rather squishy, all six have the tendency to attack at once and overwhelm any threats, unless there are other threats on the plateau, in which case they'll split up

In Short

Luskentyre Mansion is an excellent place to live if you like easy access to a high level contract, and it has very cheap food/water supplies.