Village of Lurleen

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For an annotated map, see here.

Lurleen is a tiny town between the abandoned truck stop and the mountain pass. It is chiefly visited as a connecting zone to other places, a refuelling stop for planes, and for its unique shop and apartments.


  • Keelie wanders around here. She has some dialog that hints towards a quest, and also counts as a crank-buying mob for the pusherman job.
  • Deadbots patrol here, the area's makeshift police department. They will engage anyone instigating violence on their tile with flechette cannons.
  • Shoggoth spawns occasionally sneak out of the Remote Church. Eventually the Deadbots kill them off, but they are dangerous to lower-level players.


  • Two shops are here.:
    • Fursts' General store is on the main street, selling general supplies. Furst is also a possible target for the EEE Deliveryman job.
    • Kraven's Auto Parts is also here, selling a variety of parts used in crafting planes with a random (and sometimes valuable) stock.
  • A horse trough is here, on the center of the crossroads, which is a safe drinking water source.
  • A gas station is here, where planes can be refueled. The cost is the standard $1.4/liter.
  • Lots of other zones are connected to Lurleen, including Mountain Pass, the Abandoned Highway, The Acres, the Remote Church, and the Impound Yard.
  • A scoreboard is here, in the Trade House. It is identical to the scoreboard in Any Port.
  • Flower Tower is here, an abandoned custom player home. It has a unique travel journal, but also contains a primed acid trap on the first tile which must be soaked or avoided.
  • Clara's Roadhouse is here, a very ordinary bar equipped with a jukebox. Clara does not boot people out of her bar come closing time, and will sell alcohol to underage characters.
  • A decaying shack is here, to the south of town, with a locked wooden door. Wonder what's inside...
  • The Lurleen Estates are to the north of town, an apartment complex inside an old hotel, notable for having its own clone tank and zero security.