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With enough brains and reflexes you can pick a padlock with your toes!

The ability to work with locks - to install or bypass them. This skill is used when lockpicking. Note that you also need hack to pick electronic locks.

Locksmithing is trained by Claude-Henry in Smoot's Security Shack in Freedom City.

Tools of the Trade

The simplest tool you'll need for locksmithing is rather obvious. It's your lockpick.

A Potmetal Lockpick is the standard pick. While in prison, search the cells for the diagram to make these.

     The materials required are:
          - 2 license plates
You can make the license plates while grinding your craft. You do not need a workbench to make potmetal lockpicks.

A Magspike is a device used to pick electronic locks, such as scanlocks.

      The materials required are:
          - electromagnetic motor
          - a rusty metal spike

Those are the very basic picking tools though - using an electromag inductor or a steel lockpick might increase your chances of getting through, and/or lower the chances of your pick breaking.

Honing Your Skills

The commands are simple! Just use pick <direction>.

ie. pick west (pick w)

There is also a number of places you can grind your lockpicking in the beginning. Depending on what you're doing, different spots may be better for you. First spot is in panopticon prison. Upstairs you can pick the cheap locks on the cells. Next spot is the graveyard gate in Slagtown. The graveyard is located south of Sargo's Discount Warehouse. Beware the gatekeeper! Another spot is in the Final Rest Home. Upstairs and to the east is a door that is pickable as well.

You might also want to get gloves, such as leather gloves, for training purposes. They decrease your success with lockpicks greatly but since usually you'll give it up sooner before you'd break it it'll lessen the chance of you from breaking the lockpick you are using. You still may break the lockpick, but it's enough to get roughly 50 ip before a breakage.

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