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The effects of taking Lithodermis with >25 Brawn.

Lithodermis is the upgrade to High Density. Your skin becomes more dense and stony, helping you resist broken limbs, knockouts, beatings, falling, and brain damage. Litho is a popular mutation for Brawn builds and Hooligan mutants, and contributes a lot to a character's tankiness.


In Adamant Canyon. There are rock leeches and apparitions here, which can pose a threat to low-level players. The canyon depths are also very dark, so bring a light! If you don't intend to suicide run the mutation, bring some climbing ropes and hang them as you go; Lithodermis debuffs your climb. Here are step-by-step instructions on reaching the mutation tile:

  1. Reach the Canyon's Depths zone.
  2. Head to the far south of the zone, down two climbs, until you reach the banks of a river.
  3. Go west, sticking to the banks of the river, until you reach another climb.
  4. Go up the climb and follow the path across the bridge. The tile is just beyond the bridge.


This mutation grants:

    -3 to Climb
    -3 to Swim
    +70 generic broken limb resistance
    +60 knockout resistance
    +50 brain damage resistance
    +1-2 beat resistance
    +2-2 bullet resistance
    +25kg to player's weight (12.5kg to carried weight)
    Inability to be tattooed by a tattoo gun (must use an engraving tool instead)
    Reduced fall damage
    Increased bare fist damage
    +3 HP


  • +60 KO resistance is superb; getting knocked out usually ends in death, and is by far the most dangerous crit effect. Low Endurance characters are extra susceptible to this, so KO resistance has even higher value. Synergizes with Hooligan for 90% KO resist!
  • +70 broken limb/+50 brain damage resist is a nice bonus; broken limb resist is helpful against beat crits, and brain damage resistance is very convenient.
  • Beat and bullet are very common damage types, so extra soaks are very high value. Bullet is much less common if you are Carebear. This also goes above and beyond in offsetting the penalty from Nimble Fingers.
  • Helps with headbutt. +25kg weight increases headbutt power if you have Hooligan. High-brawn litho-headbutts can outright kill unprepared players. Incoming headbutts are reduced in power, because you have a harder head and big KO resistance.
  • Reduced fall damage; falls of about 10m are usually safe. This allows you to cancel climbs earlier and save yourself some time. When you accidentally walk out of a hovering plane you probably won't die.
  • Bare fist bonus damage is a largely useless bonus, but it doesn't hurt. Claws from Ripper, etc. are not affected.
  • +3 HP As of the September 2021 change. More HP never goes out of style.


Worn weight
Lithodermis' extra 25kg is counted as "worn weight", which means that in your inventory, it actually manifests as about 19kg rather than the full 25. This is the same reason that worn deathsuits don't actually weigh 5kg, even though that's their listed weight.
  • -3 climb/swim. This isn't a big deal; both skills are very cheap and lots of people take Salamander anyway.
  • Can't take Leapfrog or Flight.
  • +25kg body weight can occasionally cause problems with weight limits in small planes.
  • -19kg inventory space. This is a significant amount, especially if you have low Brawn; Mule offsets it well, and the extra weight will prevent you from ever stressing too.
  • No utility bonuses. Aside from a small speed increase on downward climbs, Lithodermis is the only Tier-2 soak mutation to offer no bonuses outside of combat.
  • Bullet soak can be superfluous. Bullet damage requires high soaks to fight anyway, so if you're armored up, the extra 3-6 soak may be overkill. It's a great bonus to have on the Skydock though (as is Lithodermis in general).


This mutation will add the following line to a character's description.

    His/Her skin has a bluish grey hue.

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