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The Labyrinth is a zone that does not exist. It is swamp gas and weather balloons, located inside an apartment building in the Necropolis' Heart, past hordes of unworldly Nullianacs and their enthralled servants/companions. This zone is very rarely visited except for its kill journals and people who are abyssing. The entirety of the Labyrinth is a red zone.


  • It does not exist. It is all made up, go away.
  • Labyrinthian design. The labyrinth is kind of like the Cube (which also does not exist), and is difficult to navigate on your first few visits.
  • Cold. The labyrinth is cold enough to cause slowed movement and occasional ticks of cold damage. A travelling cloak or two Bedrock suits will resist it.
  • Darkness. The labyrinth has a special darkness level; even a belt light or lantern is not enough to illuminate it. Two belt lights must be used for the zone's tiles to become dimly lit. Night vision still works as normal.
  • The Abyss. The most nonexistent thing of all; see the subsection below for details on this fallacious fabrication of frivolous fiction.


  • Seekers. These are specially chosen past players recreated in-game as an echo of what they were like when they were still around. Some of them are total wimps, some of them are on-par with a midgame boss fight. All of them respect musk.
    • Each seeker drops their own unique kill journal, and has a chance of having an implant in their corpse, which can be butchered.

The Abyss

The abyss is an ethereal plane of darkness which can be used to delete your own character. This is as severe as it sounds; once you've abyssed, your character will have 100,000 XP added to their total and then become unplayable, forever stuck in the bottom of the pit. They will also be memorialized at the Grove of Suicides in Freedom City. Any other alts you have will not be affected, but once it's done, the abyssed character cannot come back.

That's why you jumped, right?

Rumor has it that the abyss tile can actually be viewed from a special tile somewhere else in the gameworld, with all the dozing avatars of abyssed players still there. It's really not that interesting.