Kakuri Island

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Kakuri Island is home to a group of Japanese isolationists who created the community in response to post-Collapse social trauma. The inhabitants are members of a Zen Buddhist sect which practices meditation and martial arts training.

The nexus of these practices is the island's Kakuri Monastery. This is the island's main attraction; it contains a couple teachers and some low-level journals.

Kakuri can be reached by taxi; it costs $80 to fly here from the roof of Any Port.


  • The Lonely Hut on the island's north-east corner is the only shop in the game where you can buy many plane modules. It's not freak-friendly.
  • Various small crops grow here, including sugarbeet, thornberries and tomatoes.
  • There's a small ornamental box in one of the huts, which spawns comics and other low-level junk.
  • There's a garbage heap on the north-west corner of the island, which spawns various low-level artifacts.
  • Shimoji Kikoman the gatekeeper guards the Kakuri Monastery. He holds the key to the gate, as well as a katana. You could beat him up (he's quite weak), or perhaps you could just join the monastery...
  • Various peasants wander the island, devoid of possessions. They might aggro you if you're low XP - if you can't beat them up, come back when you're a little stronger. They also have fun behaviors; they will bow if you do, and beat the stuffing into you if you wank or piss in their sacred land.