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The KREW Republic

Symbol: KROME

CEO: Naoki

Managers: Alighieri, Bakelist, Balalaika, Cherenkov, Ellyo, Emilie, Farhan, frank, Gorgar, Kaidessa, Kharn, Loki, Lothor, Mary, Naiomi, Patchouli, Raiken, scott, shyann, Steyr, Taz, VinPalmer, and Xann

Employees: Adamle, Beta, Brains, doug, Gabriella, Kalyka, Kittythekat, Kristie, Neozuki, Sway, and Zimbabwe


The KREW Republic was born out of KREW members jumping ship into ROME. Prypirate (Former KREW CEO) and Naoki (Former ROME CEO) formed the merge and created "KROME". Kharn, a former member of ROME, saw it as good timing to merge his small corp NIHIL into KROME as well. The KREW/ROME merger wasn't sanctioned by Twerp, so KROME returned the things that belonged to the KREW corporation, which had previously been brought into HQ by the former KREW CEO Prypirate.

KREW still exists, though with a mostly different demographic

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