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Junkrat is a mutation that buffs Senses and Scavenge at the expense of Cool.


Junkrat is located in the Toxic Dump. From the central path down the zone, skip the first eastern turn, then take the second, following it to its end.


This mutation grants:

    Passive: +1 to Senses
    Passive: +1 to Scavenge
    Passive: -1 to Cool
    sniff command: find specific items on a tile.


  • +1 Senses. This equates to +0.5 Dodge and Focus, and is also a bonus for Whips users.
  • +1 Scavenge. Scavenge is an extremely useful skill, particularly for brainy builds; this is a modest buff to any build.
  • The sniff command. This is a quality of life boost for crafters, who have to sort through immense amounts of scavenged junk.


  • -1 Cool. Cool is widely considered the least useful stat, so this is a very minor cost.


Sniff has two uses, depending on whether it's used with an argument.

  • sniff alone will cost minor stress, and return info on one possible item that can be scavenged there (or a hidden exit).
  • sniff for item: Seek out all matching items in a room, including those in containers and the inventory of other players. This is guaranteed to succeed if the sniffer owns or is a resident of the tile. Otherwise, it can fail to various degrees. It is also disrupted by smelly things in the area, like players with Stench, as well as the quantity of items in the tile.


This mutation adds the following line to a character's description:

   Long, thick whiskers protrude bizarrely from her cheeks near her nose.

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