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This is a page on something that NO LONGER EXISTS. This mutation has been removed from the game.

Jammer is a defunct specialized anti-focus mutation that interferes with any and all focus abilities used in the same square. It was removed for player use on February 20th, 2011.


Jammer is located within Star Field, across the Wasteland and through several moderate difficulty climbs.


This mutation grants:

    A penalty to all focus mutations used on or near you based on your total XP
    Any medium that seeks you has an increased chance of failure and recieves brain damage
    No clairvoyant can project into the same room as you; any room you are in effectively acts like it has tinfoil applied.


Using Screech and Writhing Smoke will become much more difficult against you, as will the Hideous Freak's scare ability. Abilities like Salamander's mend and Fuck Machine's engorge and cum will also prove more difficult to use in your vicinity. However, arguably the most useful ability is being harder for mediums to seek, meaning a high XP character will be virtually impossible to find in such a fashion.


Jammers recieve -10 focus and cannot take the Screech or Clairvoyance mutations. This effectively cuts them off from using virtually all focus abilities in an effective fashion. Empaths also cannot use their soothe ability on you without bad things happening.


Jammer gives no appearance changes and like with enigma, all their displayed mutations are not visible anymore for anyone. This just counts for the mutation changes given by someone looking at you. Your tac and age still will be visible.