Jamie Gillis Memorial Pornogorium

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Ground Floor

The entrance to the Pornogorium, marked XXX on the Freedom City map, leads to the ground floor. There isn't that much to do here. You can buy a ticket to the theater on the west side of the building for $25. The usher is supposed to care if you're 18, but totally doesn't.


The local porn monopoly, VILE, is headquartered in the basement of the Pornogorium. Here you can complete the porn star job by speaking to Dick Rammage.

How to be a Porn Star

Decent newbie job requiring no skill whatsoever, just a willing partner or two and some startup capital. You both get $2000 and 175 XP on completion, up to 10 times per person. It's available every 7 ingame days.

1. Invest or borrow a camcorder and memory card (available at Circuit Shiti). This will set you back $975 to start and $90 per film.

2. Go to the basement of the Pornogorium and read the production board with look corkboard - this changes every once in a while, so do this job quickly. The board will tell you which porn flicks the production department is requesting, as well as their requirements. For purposes of illustration, let's say we're making "Badmin Bansticks 69." The corkboard claims to require two male actors, suck, and anal. It also has to be located in The Volcano. Better get cracking.

3. Label and slot your memory card using label memory card is Badmin Bansticks 69 and put memory in camcorder. Dick Rammage will not accept unlabeled submissions.

4. Go to your location and assemble your actors. You do have friends, right? Set the camera rolling with press record on camcorder. You can either designate someone to hold and operate the camcorder, or you can drop camcorder and perform yourself.

5. Make sure you meet the requirements. For instance, since we were required to perform suck and assfuck in "Badmin Bansticks 69," someone has to do each of those actions before we press stop on the camcorder. For non-location-specific films, the Hellfire Club's fountain of Rapinex will keep your actors horny enough to perform.

6. Go to the Pornogorium, get memory from camcorder, and give memory to Dick Rammage. Dick will evaluate your work to see if it makes the grade. First he checks the label to make sure it's one of the ones on the corkboard, then he checks the actors/acts/locations to make sure all of them are present. Your memory card will be returned if you're missing something. If you have it all, each actor will be paid $2000 and 175 XP and you'll need to buy a new memory card before filming again.