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We like to drink with Care Dog, 'cuz Care Dog is our mate.
And when we drink with Care Dog, he downs it all in eight... seven...

The Iron Liver mutation gives mutants extra endurance, resistances and the ability to heal with alcohol. It is incompatible with Camelfat.


Iron Liver is located in the Chemical Plant. Head west from the eastern entrance until you reach the bridge, then turn south, and go east from the parking lot.


You've developed the 'iron liver' mutation! This mutation confers +1 Endurance.


   Passive: +1 Endurance
   Passive: +75% PCP resistance
   Passive: +70% Spider venom resistance
   Passive: +60% curare resistance
   Passive: +50% alcohol resistance
   Passive: +40% THC resistance
   Passive: +40% speed resistance
   Passive: +25% nanite resistance
   Passive: Gain healing from alcohol.
   Passive: Can no longer black out from high alcohol blood content.
   Passive: Alcohol cleanses revival sickness.


  • Miscellaneous resistances. Spider venom and curare are both very rare, but this is nice to have when they do arise.
  • +1 Endurance. This adds a little tankiness to any build.
  • Alcohol heals. Chugging booze will heal Iron Liver mutants every heartbeat. The heals can be very random, but they are accessible to anyone who can carry alcohol. Cleansing revival sickness is an added bonus. This perk is particularly useful to characters who have low medic.
  • Enables alcohol Brawn buff. Max dose alcohol gives +1 Brawn and -1 Dodge, but characters without Iron Liver will periodically pass out at this stage of drunkenness. Iron Liver mutants can't pass out from alcohol, leaving them free to enjoy the +1 to Brawn at almost no cost.


  • Minor drug resistances. PCP is a useless drug anyway, and THC, alcohol and speed are so cheap and quick to use that this "downside" really means nothing.
  • +25% nanite resistance. The only real downside to Iron Liver, and it is very minor. Munching nanites still works for big heals, and even after a 25% penalty, nanites are still very effective on their own.
  • Incompatible with Camelfat. Aside from hyper-focus builds that want to use psilocybin intensively, this means nothing, since Camelfat is a largely useless mutation.
  • Difficult for low-Brawn builds, which typically cannot carry large amounts of alcohol. Still, a small flask is enough to remove revival sickness, and the resistances and +1 Endurance are fantastic.


This mutation does not alter a character's appearance.

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