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HellMOO's inventory system can feel a little clumsy sometimes, but with a little practice, it's very manageable.

Basic Inventory Use

i will open your inventory. This will display your vast and impressive inventory of items, which should look something like this:

     a 9mm Beretta (wielded) [1.7kg]
     a razor blade [10g]
     two 9mm clips [320g]
     a dolphin fursuit (worn) [3.8kg]
     a nanite healer [100g]
     a plastic bottle [1.2kg]
     a Homer Simpson bobblehead doll [500g]
     a hackysack [100g]
     a wristpad [10g]
 [ Total Load: 7.7kg (max 48.0kg) ]

This will vary depending on your @prefs; you can customize the display of your inventory. This inventory readout has @prefs singlecolumn is 1 enabled. If you have this set to 0 instead, your inventory will show in two columns. You can also toggle whether the weight of the item is shown next to the name with @prefs weights is 1 or 0.

Either way, this listing of your inventory only shows stuff on your immediate person. Stuff you're carrying in bags is not shown, you must l bag if you want to see inside a bag. At the bottom of the listing is the total encumbrance of your character - in this case, the character is carrying 7.7kg out of a possible 48.0kg. If you carry more than your max capacity, you can't move. If you carry more than half your max capacity, your movement will be slowed, you'll have difficulty swimming, and you'll tire out your muscles. Try to avoid carrying more than you need to. Weight capacity scales with Brawn, and is also buffed by Mule.

There are also various categories listed. Most of them are self-explanatory, but "Artifacts", refers to a huge variety of drops you can get from scavenging, butchering mobs, and picking up random stuff. The vast majority of Artifacts are useless or cheap garbage, but some of them are useful or even valuable. Many are used in crafting. You will also sometimes see "Chemicals", which are much the same as Artifacts but less frequently worthless.

Note also that some items have additional notes by their names. The 9mm Beretta here is "wielded", which means it's held in the hand. The snazzy fursuit is "worn", which of course means that the character is wearing it. Worn clothing is reduced in weight by 25%; if this fursuit is held in the hand, it weighs 5.0kg.


What if you had three dolphin fursuits, and only wanted to wear the 2nd one with your honorary jizz stains on it?

wear 2.fursuit. This works the same way for holding a specific item out of several identical ones, and so on. Note that wearing multiples of the same thing is bugged; only one will show as worn, but they still work as you'd expect.

If you want to get many things, get all <x> may prove useful. This will get all of the items that match the text you add, so do pay attention. If you get all h, you'll pick up a ton of useless heads as well as that 12mm Hammerhead.

Playing It Smart

It is unwise to carry more than you need to. The noob that carries half their worldly positions on their back is a tired but true stereotype; don't be that guy. Aside from debuffing you, this will also cause you a lot more grief when you inevitably die and drop it all. Essential inventory items include:

  • A weapon or two.
  • A blade with which to butcher; preferably a butcher knife or cutting knife.
  • Ammo if your weapon requires it.
  • Armor if you want to soak incoming attacks.
  • A means of recovering health.
  • A means of relieving stress if you're expecting stress.
  • Water, and food if you're traveling a long way.

The example above has everything on this list except for food and armor (plus an artifact).

Using Containers

If you need to carry more than the basics, it's smart to use a bag. This lets you pick up and drop off all your crap at once, and also reduces the net weight of the items held within. To put an item in a container, put item in container. To get an item from a container, shocker! get item from container.

Container Options

There are several containers available in-game with varying merits; they are listed below with their numerical stats. Unless otherwise noted, all containers listed here can be bought in Eschaton Outfitters, Freedom City, and have a base weight of 100g.

Note that the capacity listed when you appraise a container is its capacity after weight reduction is applied and also does not include the weight of the container itself; adding a 1kg item to a container with a weight reduction of -50% will only count 500g towards that container's capacity. In each entry, the amount of unmodified weight that each container can hold is listed; this is the amount of actual, in-your-inventory weight that the container is capable of squeezing into its compressed weight.

  • Trash bags reduce item weight by -30%, and can squeeze 17.1kg into a reduced 12kg.
  • Leather briefcases reduce item weight by -30%, and can squeeze 19.5kg into a reduced 15kg. They are purchased in Weezer Village, and have a base weight of 1kg.
  • Duffle bags reduce item weight by -40%, and can squeeze 25kg into a reduced 15kg.
  • Rigid-frame backpacks and W-U Assault Packs reduce item weight by -50% and can squeeze 40kg into a reduced 20kg. W-U Assault Packs must be scavenged from a remote place.
  • Worn leather satchels and neon pink fanny packs reduce item weight by -60%, and can squeeze 12.5kg into a reduced 5kg. Fanny packs are purchased in Botany Bay.
  • Strawberry satchels reduce item weight by -60%, and can squeeze 25kg into a reduced 10kg. They are purchased in Botany Bay, and have a base weight of 400g.
  • Trail packs reduce item weight by -60%, and can squeeze 62.5kg into a reduced 25kg. They can only be acquired via crafting.
  • Tactical webbing reduces item weight by -65%, and can squeeze 45kg into a reduced 15kg. It can only be acquired via crafting; the recipe is much more intensive than trail packs. It has a base weight of 350g.
  • Kidney coolers reduce item weight by -70%, and can squeeze 33.3kg into a reduced 10kg. They have a base weight of 2kg.

There are also some special containers in the game:

  • Portalboxes are crafted and can be linked to one another to teleport things instantly. Try examine. Portalbox receivers are receive-only, but can be connected to large containers like rows of cabinets to store massive amounts of loot from afar. Note that these have nothing to do with portalguns.
  • Kidney coolers (also listed above) will extend the time before an item that can rot (such as meat) starts rotting. These are particularly useful to zombies.