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The Hyperimmune mutation gives a boost to your character's general constitution, at the cost of more trouble with healing. It is mutually exclusive with Vampire and Zombie.


Hyperimmune is located within the Phage Lab, deep within the Subway Tunnels. There are tough zombies in the area, plus some angry robots. You'll need to wear a gas mask in the Phage Lab itself, or risk becoming infected with the (quickly) fatal disease. Be prepared to climb, scavenge, and use your brain to solve a few simple puzzles.


This mutation grants:

  Passive: +2 Endurance
  Passive: Immunity to most diseases.
  Passive: +50% resistance to ambient radiation.
  Passive: +60% resistance to ATP (from deathgear).
  Passive: +60% resistance to nanites.


  • +2 Endurance. Endurance is a very good stat, and getting an extra two of it is very high value.
  • Disease immunity. This is fairly low-value, because diseases are very rare outside of the early game, but it is occasionally convenient. This does not protect from non-disease illnesses, such as toxic poisoning.
  • +50% rad resistance. This makes strolling around in irradiated areas safer. Much of the time, people in radioactive zones will bring radiation protection, but this mutation allows players to shirk these precautions, so long as they don't linger for too long.
  • +60% ATP resist. This makes wearing deathsuits and deathsheads a lot easier. Non-Hyperimmune mutants can only wear deathgear for about five minutes at a time; Hyperimmune characters can get away with much longer periods.


  • Incompatible with Vampire and Zombie. Neither of these mutations are outstandingly popular, but either class will have to do without hyperimmune.
  • +60% nanite resistance. This makes nanites much, much less useful, to the point that the only way to get good mileage from them is to munch them. Nanites are a strong resource, spammable in combat and healing very rapidly, so this is a significant penalty, especially for characters that do not have a good healing source such as the medic skill.


This mutation does not affect bodily appearance.

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