How to use a Simulator

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I can use my amazing science skills to research schematics on a simulator.


For those of you who have no idea what a Simulator is, or what they are used for, I would suggest not using them for starters. If however, you have some knowledge about them, then it may be within interest that you should read on to find more about them and how they work.

Things you will need

A raw of at least one in Science. [*]
A lab coat, carapace-lined scrubs and polycarbonate goggles. (For science buffs.)
At least twenty science in total to use them quickly and effectively.
(Things marked with [*] are required.)


To start out with, you should put something in one of the simulators, open it up, put the item you want to research inside of the simulator, close the simulator and press start. Once this is done, wait a while until you receive a message which will tell you that the analysis is complete. After you receive this message, you will get an idea of what things you can research, followed by the amount of items needed to make the research. It is a good idea to select the target with the lowest number of items required.

After you pick the number of the target you wish to research, hit start and wait for it to begin searching through the many schematics that HellMOO has, after a while, you’ll get another message if you succeed.

You want to aim for the number of items needed during research, if you come across something that isn’t specific, such as when it says you need a part, scrap material, gemstone, metal and so on, continue to research, since these do not count towards the item number and are more or less just hints.

Once you complete the research and have all the items found, put them all in the simulator and start it up again, when you finish that, you will find the schematic that you have been researching for a period of time. Lastly, speak to one of the corp holders about getting printing permissions if you are unable to print, check the list out on the simulator and print off the schematic which you have researched.