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headbutt. headbutt. headbutt. headbutt is the fastest, it is faster than anything. it is faster than light, it is more than we can comprehend. it is a beam of pure thought directed from my forehead into yours at a billion miles a second.

i headbutted someone today and when the smoke cleared we were both 10 years younger. he tried to feint me but before his brain could even send the impulse to the nerves in his body, telling him to point over my shoulder, i had headbutted him twice. sometimes i do it so quickly i don't even know it happened, i am just instantly surrounded by mountains of bodies, heads crushed like old fruit and cocoons undeployed.

i have tested this, i have tested it in my cum fort. it is hopeless. i send this message from the distant future, headbutts have trapped me in a time and space i do not recognize. send help. headbutt a trauma kit and it may end up near my epoch.

Hooligan is a mutation that grants resistances useful in combat and the headbutt command, at the expense of focus.


Hooligan's located on the second floor of the Nukem Academy (NK on map) in Slagtown. The area is crawling with gun-toting Karnivore punks, so it's best to wait on this mutation until you can take a few bullets to the brain, or you've got a friend who can.


This mutation gives you:

   headbutt command: use wrestle and brawn to deal a damaging beat attack to opponents.
   Passive: +1 wrestle
   Passive: -3 focus
   Passive: +35% stun resistance
   Passive: +30% KO resistance
   Passive: Always faceplant drinks after chugging them.


  • +1 wrestle. This helps with headbutt itself, as well as more consistent grabbing.
  • +35% stun resist. This is hugely helpful; everything from powerattack stuns to feint will be less effective on a hooligan mutant.
  • +30% KO resist. KO resist is extremely high value, because getting KO'd is an extremely common cause of death.
  • Use of headbutt. Headbutting is comically slow, but useful in PvP, since dodgy characters cannot evade it and are forced to take some action when faced with it.


  • -3 focus. Most focus builds don't take this.
  • Incompatible with Blink. Technically, it's possible to take both, but the disadvantage is so crippling that it's generally considered non-viable.
  • Headbutt can be impotent. Headbutting is so slow that opponents can literally just walk away before it has a chance to hit. It also imposes such a huge dodge penalty that almost anyone can just grab a headbutting attacker to interrupt the action.
  • Faceplant drinks after chugging. Using the chug command on a container of liquid will cause hooligan mutants to smash the container against their own face straight after. This only works with containers where chugging would make sense (jerrycans don't work). When it does happen, it's an annoyance; the process deals damage to the mutant's own face, and can damage armor and even knock the mutant out.


The headbutt command acts like a beat damage powerattack. If it works, it's guaranteed to hit the head, with the damage varying on several factors. The accuracy of a headbutt is determined by the caster's wrestle rolled against the target's wrestle and dodge; accuracy is weighted in favor of the caster.

The damage of headbutt is more complicated, and very RNG-heavy. A headbutt can go either way, depending on the differences between the two people involved in it. Like any beat crit to the head, possible effects include damage, stuns, knockouts and brain damage. The severity of a headbutt is calculated on two factors.

The first is the weight of the caster's head vs. the target's. This includes their body weight plus any weight worn on the head (Lithodermis helps a lot). Armor that covers the entire body, like tire armor, counts as having all of its weight on the head for the purpose of headbutt, which means that high-brawn tire armor headbutts are very dangerous if given time to hit. The second is the caster's brawn vs. the target's. High brawn headbutts are capable of outright killing low-brawn targets.

Headbutt is an extremely slow ability, and it has a long cooldown, neither of which seem to scale. While headbutt is being casted, it also imposes a -15 penalty to the caster's dodge, making them a very easy target for any ability or attack.


This mutation does not change a character's appearance.

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