Hellfire Club

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The Hellfire Club (HF on the map) is your general sex club. On the top floor is a shop that sells some sex attire and sex toys that may be worth checking out for the more perverted types. Most notable is the strap on that allows female characters without the Fuck Machine mutation to perform sex actions that require a penis.

In the first basement is a room for casual sex. Entering this room replaces your name with a random porn name and your description with "Looks a little more porny than usual". The main attraction of this room is the fountain, which contains "Rapinex", a drug that makes you horny regardless of if you've had sex recently. Note that while under the effects of Rapinex you apparently don't gain fuck skill and your character will constantly try to strip if you're wearing anything covering your chest or groin, so fist users trying to use the fountain to get horny for the stat bonus may want to use a different method. You can subscribe to the fountain which will announce if anyone enters the first basement. There's a machine that sells condoms and a restraint table for those kinky individuals who are into that kind of thing.

Below that is the sex slave's sleeping quarters. This room was going to be used as a login point for a prototypical guest system that never took off due to abuse considerations, but now has no use.