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Truly elite hax0rs are all about brains. Goddamn nerds!

The ability to use a cyberdeck to breach computer system security and access systems. Note that locksmith is also needed for picking electronic locks.

This skill is also used to access Cyberspace.


  • Hacking of the cameras in Gangland for your corp.
    • Real h4x0rs will have an easier time taking over cams.
    • Good hacking will activate the cam's defense system.
    • Said defense system will electrocute script kiddies with no skillz on an attempted hack.
    • Possessing cams will earn the hacker and his corp money.
  • In conjunction with locksmith, breaching electronic locks on doors -- including the apartment doors of other players.
  • Hacking security systems in apartment complexes.
    • This is fairly useless, however you can set the console to a radio frequency so you can monitor what the security is doing from your radio, useful if you are doing a coordinated raid on somebody's apartment.

Is it a good idea to hack Gangland cams?

Probably not, as hacking a cam issues a challenge to all the members of the corp that owns the cam. This means that any of them are allowed to kill the individual who hacked the cam.

Learning Hack

  • Contrary to popular belief. Learning hack on Gangland cameras after the first few raw is just not very good or fun for some reason.
  • Hacking ancient PC's to grind up to 4 raw is far more efficient and doesn't get you in trouble. You can hack DopeJack's PC to raw 6. It is extremely boring though, be prepared.
  • You can earn hack by picking doors (you will need a magspike or the better Electromag inductor) with electronic locks. There are only a few locks that actually have a key.
    • So what you do is; find a public area that has a gold, mx, platinum, or diamond voxguard and won't get you in trouble with the law and go nuts! Look out for cams! (The basement of The Giggling Schoolgirl and the various NPC apartments (Xolair, Humtraope, and Propecia) offers locks from Scanlocks to Vox Platinums, all without a cam in sight).
    • If you want to get creative you can carry a lock around with you! (You can no longer learn above one raw inside your hq, or apartment.)

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