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What is this article?


This is where you share with everyone some good things about HellMOO!!! :D :D :D

Here's what you need to know about HELLMOO APPRECIATION WEEK:

WHEN: The week of January 18th, 2010

The official symbol of HELLMOO APPRECIATION WEEK is the following:


It signifies happiness and cheerfulness. HELLMOO APPRECIATION WEEK should also always be referred to in all capital letters so that it really POPS off of the screen.

What can I do? I'm just one player???

  • Post on this page about a thing! Your favorite thing about HellMOO, your favorite recent change, a ridiculous pastebin of a good thing happening, whatever.
  • If you were going to submit something to *ideas that sucks this week, don't! Instead, submit something that doesn't suck.
  • Celebrate in game however you celebrate things.
  • Make some player art.
  • Light a candle and pray for HellMOO.


Because as a playerbase we mostly complain about things and whine and rage, but presumably we like more than we hate, otherwise we'd all be on Icesus rolling Elven nobles and walking through 8 million identically-described rooms. CarebearMOO is to be avoided, and it is not helpful at all to pretend nothing in Hell is screwed up, but it is also not helpful to pretend everything is. So, for one week, let us be a little, teensy, tiny bit positive. :D :D :D

APPRECIATION WEEK-related pastebins

http://pastebin.com/m6fc72f13 - Wit, venerable officer of the FCPD, made a stirring and well-timed speech calling for abomination rights and offering a glimpse into a brighter future, very much capturing the spirit of HELLMOO APPRECIATION WEEK.

Here is where you contribute your tender reflections on HellMOO

Make sure to sign your additions!


"In appreciation of HellMOO Appreciation Week, I just want to tell you guys that as much as I bitch on my alts, you guys do a great job. :)"-Anchorman, the Newscasting Gimmick Alt.

"i appreciate the nice things you acquire that eventually fall into my hands (and also that everyone is v. cool good job), thanks" --Stabs

"I appreciate that my many antics are not always met with much zotting. Also, Christmas. That was fucking amazing. I love you guys, but not in a gay way. Mostly." -- Lightning

"hi!!11 im constbl 76mogle sky division and id just lke to sa that happy HELLMOO APPRECIATION WEEK from da fcpd!! fuk da crimnl skums an fanku verrrrry muchly" -- 76Moogle

              \     \.    EVERYBODY POOPS BLOOD                
              |` |    |   DON'T BE A WUSS JUST REACH IN THERE  
              |  |    |   AND WOLF IT DOWN LIKE A MAN          
 __-====-__  _|  |    |                                        
(~<       >~>  \ |    |   LOOK THERE'S ONE THING I'VE LEARNED  
!~~-====-~~/----`+----/   AND THAT'S ONCE YOUR FINGERPRINTS ARE
 \         \___     /     ON IT YOU HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO EAT  
  >------\     \  <       THE WHOLE THING                      
                          IN A WAY IT'S THE PERFECT CRIME

" -- lord doom

"This game is better than Mein Kampfy Chair." -Hitler

"my name is ghosty and i appreciate every hellmoo!!!!!" -- Ghosty

"Thanks to all the admins + wizards that helped in the production of the pirate island. It has become the most wonderful fishing spot/death trap in the MOO. <3 u emmah/robot/broseidon/eazy/etc" -- Doctor Dre


"I love this game so much that i use payed proxies to play. which basicly means i'm paying WoW prices to play Hellmoo. <3 Badmins <3" --Cloudpaladin

hellmoo owns hellmoo is owné -Vayra

The is probably the second or first most kickass HellMOO ever. Everyone is awesome, even people who are not. -Thaddeus

"Whoever made this page, I will give you my admin star. We need to be appreciated. :( Thank Gilmore for our lovely game." <3 Emmah-Vaun

"hellmoo and its admins are the best thing since Zork." --Balfour 18:30, 17 January 2010 (UTC)

"A molotov cocktail flies in from the north." --Rakale

"A friend of mine who works with the chamber of commerce here in Abuja- Nigeria extended your recommendation to me. Although i did not make to him known the purpose of my inquiry. To be precise, I am Stev Ebe and i have come to inherit a substantial amount of money (US$25,500,000.00) (Twenty- five million, five hundred thousand U.S dollars) from my uncle who never had a child and whose only wife died several years back. I intend to invest this money with you or in your company. Please write me back at once so we can discuss in earnest secrecy this mutually dealing of business. God bless." -- Nigerian Businessman

"I'd like to give a big shout out to everyone inside the realm of Hellmoo, even though I'm a total noob I must say you've all done a great job with this fine work of art. Another big thank you to all of you noob friendly players, Hellmoo wouldn't be what it is now without you." -- Scarlet

"Do you guys remember when Gilmore and his legion of lovable scamps pretended to quit HellMOO and that it was going to cease to exist forever, and chatnet became this big clusterfuck of people saying how much they loved playing with each other and it was all very emo for like two hours? That was so special. Then they said SIKE and we all started stabbing everyone again." -- Charlatan

"As per the suggested ways to do something for hellmoo, I decided to light a candle and say a few prayers. But I couldn't find a candle so I just turned on my stove and looked at it for a little while. The effort was totally there, though, and I want you to know it. All of you hellmoo badmins do a great job keeping the game running smoothly in spite of a lot of things. I really like all the new content, too. Whether it's little things like craftable wooden torches or big things like the sewer expansion and new mutations, I really appreciate that the time was taken to make it, and I'm sure I'm far from the only one who feels this way." -- Benthic

"I'd just like to say, that Hellmoo is how I spend 1/3 of my free time, between gaming and my social life, so it obvious it is well made enough to have kept me playing for almost a year now. So my heart goes out to Gilmore and the Wizards and Admins, who have gave their free time to making Hellmoo what it is today."-- Deriosa

"This game, if you really look at it, is a game full of wanking and shitting 13 year olds. This game is nothing to look at, and when you try to speak, you are greeted with STFU and 'tl;dr'. At least, that is what I thought for a while. I've been here long- Longer then you might think, and I've realized something. It doesn't matter, if you hate the people here or not, it doesn't matter if the game has you feeling depressed. This is, and shall forever be, your obsession, your drug, your pleasure. This has been your vice since you started, and nothing less then a force of nature can seperate you from it... But you aren't complaining, are you?"-- Wit

"HellMOO: The only game where banning never permanently kicks you off the game. I speak from experience. Fun experience. HellMOO gave me that experience and it is indeed very fun. That is why HellMOO is fun and everything else is gay. Like you." -Snakeman

"If Hellmoo was a guy, I'd suck his dick. If it was a girl, I'd so totally rape her." -Bartnunm

"I was playing today. Laser Spider gave me a dick, and I'm a female. He gave wit a cunt. Best Thing ever. Balfour 03:58, 20 January 2010 (UTC)

"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ --PEOPLE WHO SHOULD PLAY HELLMOO FOREVER-- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^" -Caine

"I'm a Christian and I'm in a Death Metal band right now. But I'm also involved in other music as well. I make my own DubStep. There are a lot of bands that imply bad things towards religion. But the music itself is not evil. Maybe the band members, but no the music." -Chinaski


Every day I wake up and giggle autisticly because I know I'm going to have so many fun autistic adventures on HellMOO! Sometimes I feel down and my wrists are caked in autist blood, but then I just log into Hell and that autistic smile is back on my face in no time! I love HellMOO~~~~~ --Cirno

"Happy H.A.W! erm, i did player art for it" =D --Tazaria

"[chatnet] fag says, "who"" --Snakeman

"hello hellmoo i love you please marry me" --EpikEnvy

     Quillath says, "tell me about uac"
     deathclown_thunderballs says, "well"
     You take a stool at the bar
     "once upon a time in a land far far away
     lived a king.  a fine king.
     stabs was that king.
     Quillath says, "ok"
     Quillath says, "thanks"
     stabs rules over  a kingdom so vast and so mighty that even the gods were envious.
     so one day, they crated the anti-stabs.  this silly being was almost as powerful as stabs.  his name, was goku
     You shifts around slightly.
     You flips a page.
     Quillath says, "yeah"
     goku wanted everything that stabs had; his kingdom, his power, his penis.
     but stabs would not give in soe asily.  for stabs was stabs, and stabs stabs is a stabs.
     Quillath asks, "stabs and the goku got married?"
     deathclown_thunderballs says, "so, in the dead of night, goku crept in to stabs castle - he made his way around his mortal guards and made his way towards stabs chambers"
     deathclown_thunderballs says, "but what goku did not expect was for stabs to have known he was coming"
     deathclown_thunderballs says, "as goku pushed open the massive golden gates to stabbes room, he was greeted with an overpowering stench of manliness"
     deathclown_thunderballs exclaims, "this stench was as powerful as any other that he had ever encountered, and was enough to throw goku off of his feet!"
     You flips a page.
     deathclown_thunderballs says, "stabs laughed at this, stepping from behind one of the golden gates, wearing nothing but a knee-low pink robe and a crown of dicks"
     deathclown_thunderballs says, "goku looked up in fear, his entire body shaking uncontrollably at the sight of the man stabbes.  all apart from one small part; his penis."

     deathclown_thunderballs says, "goku's penis stood rigid, at almost three inches in hight and half an inch in width.  It was nothing compared to the staff which stabs had his hands wrapped around."

     deathclown_thunderballs says, "stabsbes penis was huge.  there were none who wielded such a genitellia - it really was the wang of a god"
     deathclown_thunderballs says, "it didn't take long before stabbes eyes met with GOKU's, and they both shared a silent, knowing look as their peni throbbed lightly"
     deathclown_thunderballs says, "goku licked his lips; the cracked surface giving way to a flushed pink hue as his saliva rolled down the sides of his mouth, aching for a taste of stabbes"
     SAA says, "Deathclown"
     SAA says, "this story is amazing"
     deathclown_thunderballs says, "stabs knew.  he knew from the very beginning that not even the gods were able to cease mankinds uncontrollable desire for stabbes manhood."
     deathclown_thunderballs says, "gilmore, necanthrope - even jed had contemplated for eons on how they would defeat stabbes.  GOKU had failed, as by the time stabbes had thrust the head of his meatstick against his lips, gilmore had let out a cry of anguish as he looked on through his crystal ball"
     Quillath says, "oh that gilmore and his impotent rage"
     deathclown_thunderballs says, "GOKU's lips had parted just enough to let the massive meatstick slide between them; his already saliva coated lips running across stabbes massive throbbing rod.  pre cum had already began to ooze out of the tip by the time stabbes had pushed the head past goku's willing lips"
     deathclown_thunderballs says, "anotehr thrust; GOKU's eyes bluged as another few inches of stabbes meat made its way in to his ever warming mouth.  Gilmore was in tears by this point; his years of work having already been violated by such a manly man."
     deathclown_thunderballs says, "of course; GOKU and stabbes were far from angry. at the time, they were both locked in an impalpoable moment of ecstasy and desire.  GOKU's tiny-in-comparison penis throbbing harder and harder as every inch of stabbes manhood slid in to his mouth."
     deathclown_thunderballs says, "the head of stabbes manhood was rubbing against the dephs of GOKU's throat, and all he could do was gag and begin to tear at the eyes.  he wanted more than what stabbes could afford to shove in to his throat, and stabbes knew excatly this.  For stabs was irresistable"
     deathclown_thunderballs says, "many seconds past as stabs gazed down at GOKU's ever paling body, he knew that no man could hold his rod in their throat for such a long time.  but stabs liked his men that way; cold and dead.  Stabbes began to pull his hips backwards and away from GOKU, preparing himself for a final massive push as goku's warm tongue slid across his shaft"
     deathclown_thunderballs says, "gilmore's tears began to drip on to the glossy crystal ball; his erection thretaening to rip from his bondage gear as necan and jed looked from a distance in sheer horror and disgust.  nothing could prepare the gods for what stabbes had planned next.,"
     deathclown_thunderballs says, "Stabbes thrust his hips forward, his meatstick increasing in size by almost double!  nobody would have guessed that stabs was capable of such a thing, his previously gigantic rod doubling ins ize within GOKU's mouth."
     deathclown_thunderballs says, "there was a-"
     You flips a page.
     deathclown_thunderballs says, "-a crack, louder and larger than any other crack before it as GOKU's jaw bone completely snapped and turned to dust beneath his skin.  STabbes meatstick forced itself in to every crevice in his mouth and throat, chaoking him half to death in almost an instant."
     deathclown_thunderballs says, "stabbes pulsating cock had ripped right through the back of GOKU's throat, leaving little more than a tear straight down his back; his spine severd where his penis touched it."
     deathclown_thunderballs says, "Stabbes's warm, wet eyes began to shine as the sudden shattering of bone and tearing of skin rippled throughout his body, the knowledge that he wa sthe cause of such a death - and had his rod in the mouth of the once-alive GOKU, making him feel like a god "
     deathclown_thunderballs says, "at that exact moment, as Stabbes boiling hot semen coursed through his urethra in to GOKU's lifeless mouth, gilmore's meatstick was let loose, pouring piss all over the glassy crystal ball"
     deathclown_thunderballs says, "the entire world began to turn yellow; all of the water in the sea being turned in to rich yellow piss.  stabs never seemed to mind, as his body was locked in to place, his boiling jizz bursting out of the remains of goku's head and chest.  at this moment in time, everybody on earth felt awesome for a split second."
     deathclown_thunderballs says, "the piss; coupled with the final release of stabbes boiling sperm, caused a wave of awesome to wash over the entire kingdom.  everything that was tocuhed was incinirated; burnt to an absolute crisp at the hands of gilmore's piss and stabbes's jizz"
     deathclown_thunderballs says, "as the boiling sperm coated the remains of goku's body, it turned to stone.  his skin turned a greyish grey and his saliva turned to molten concrete - thus was stabbes secret ability.  everything he came upon turned to stone - including himself."
     deathclown_thunderballs says, "as a final sacrifice in his last moments of ecstasy, stabbes turned the world to dustm, and himself and goku to stone.  frozen in an eternal position of head-giving and guro."
     deathclown_thunderballs says, "that is the legend of UAC stabbes"
     You closes the book.
     Baldr says, "what the fuck" -- deathclown_thunderballs

"None of my friends irl know I play this game. I've learned important lessons from Hellmoo, but they pretty much don't apply at all to rl anyway.-- Naoki