Grove of Suicides

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The Grove of Suicides is a single tile in southern Freedom City, just west of Vice City. It is notable for holding a list of all players who have thrown themselves into the abyss, complete with the date and time of their abyssal and their total XP on abyssing. This monument has a few peculiarities:

  • Players' total XP is instantly increased by 100,000 XP very shortly before they are removed from the game and added to this monument, so everyone's XP is 100k higher here than it actually was.
  • Halloween costumes seem to persist in the names here on abyssal, so abyss in style during the month of October!
  • Abyssing is reasonably uncommon, especially since the penalties for rerolling are so lax. It does still happen however, so the listing here expands regularly.
  • The monument only lists abyssals since the last pwipe, so abyssers of the distant past are not recorded here.

There is also a popcorn vending machine on this tile; perhaps a nod to players abyssing over drama.