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Warning REMEMBER: This page was written by Daube.


The majority of Hellmoo players (and a solid number of admins) are rampant Goonshit, meaning that they are paying members, and other paying members will be preferred over all others in any situation. Goonshit are well observed to flood and abuse the intricacies of online games as thoroughly as possible, as evidenced by a plethora of games besides (and including) hellmoo.

If there is an exploit to be exploited, rest assured that Goonshit will (in their many forms, under many corps and many alts) find and abuse it, then post about it for anyone to read in the latest somethingawful hellmoo thread, such as here:

or the Goonshit wiki, containing details on every exploit currently being used by the goonshit hellmoo majority, curently located here:

Current, Active Goonshit Corporations

  • All Of Them Contain Goons, you are Not Safe

Common Goonshit Tactics

Clubs and guns are the goonshit weapons de jour currently. Stack that beating resistance on and raise that dodge!

Throwing Fireaxes is also extremely popular with Goonshit, as throwing a fireaxe is extremely fast, extremely damaging and does not interrupt one's current attack. As Fireaxes are available for free in the Gangland firehouse and are extremely effective, many Goonshit who would be otherwise unable to defend themselves employ them to great effect.

During a losing combat, some Goonshit have been known to spam the grab (target) command, followed by the push (target) to (direction) command to allow them to push you out of the square and escape even on grabs that would have normally broken instantly. This cannot currently be countered, aside from killing that particular Goonshit more quickly in combat and luckily not getting grabbed at all.


Unfortunately, in Hellmoo, one player (no matter the strength) cannot defeat multiple players, due to abuses of powerattack stun, grab, and feint, depending on the weaknesses of any individual character. Though the average Goonshit is simply a new and temporary player with expensive gear, in numbers, they will inevitably defeat any character. When your character faces being "griefed out of" an area (or hellmoo) for that matter, remember that the vast majority of Goonshit are American and will not be online during the morning hours.

Goonshit are notorious for believing that they cannot be defeated, and thus not carrying cocoons outside of town. Keep an eye out for high-ranking Goonshit in odd places (such as Mass-Neotek or Helicopter Cockpits) during the middle of the night in-game. You never know when they might not have a cocoon and you might now have a new Deathsuit.