Genetic Purity

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Genetic Purity is a racial "mutation" that gives extra XP and health in exchange for a mut-free life. It is incompatible with all other mutations.


The mutation tile is just south of the climb up Weezer Dam, in the Weezer Village zone, just outside of Takotech Ruins. There is a 10m climb just before the tile.


This mutation grants:

    +25% XP gain
    +1 maximum HP per free mutation slot


  • +25% XP gain. This allows quicker XP gains and leveling.
  • Bonus health, up to 73 in total at 360,000 total XP. This is even more than Zombies get, before accounting for resistances.
  • Low clone cost. Cloning age comes from re-cloning with many mutations, so Purity characters can reclone at very little cost. Ironically, this makes rolling for radmuts more economical.


  • No other mutations. Radmuts still work, as does the viral form of vampire (but not the mutation form), but all other mutations are barred. This locks Genetic Purity characters out of almost all top-end stats.
  • Can't demut. Genetic purity isn't removed by Stormfront Island's demutation chamber, so the only option for getting rid of Purity is rerolling.


Genetic Purity is a very unpopular mutation; living without muts is kind of boring! A Purity character's stats will always be lower than everyone else's stats, so Rifles is a popular choice for Purity characters, because Rifles and its stat requirements are so easy and forgiving. Brainy/support builds are also popular, since the power of craft XP is so inflated that Purity mutants can craft as high as they'd like without exposing themselves to any real risk (meaning that their low stats never really matter).


This mutation makes no changes to a character's appearance.

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