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The western half of Freedom City. Security is provided by private corporations that contract with the Freedom City government. These contracts can be lucrative, so inter-corporate warfare over Gangland turf is not unheard of. The toxic dump is somewhere south west south of it, and the north beach filled with fun and laughter is located north of it.

Notable landmarks in Gangland include:

  • -Sharpton Projects: A maze-like multilevel building with many useful crafting resources in it.
  • -Panopticon Prison: Located on the north eastern part of Gangland, it is where criminals with fpcd stars reclone should they have the misfortune to die.
  • -Dope Jack's Junkyard: This is the chop shop for stolen vehicles and furniture.
  • -Toxic Dump: This is located in south western side of Gangland. Freaking love it there.
  • -Lanyard Court Fire Station: Home of our proud and gay fire fighters. That's hot.

A detailed map with descriptions can be found here.