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The Galleria is a green zone with several special properties, which can be reached from Slagtown and Shoreline. It is most notable for being the easiest place to visit player-stocked shops, rather than regular NPC stores.


  • Corp shops are here. Player corps in the game can stock items in them and sell them to other players using this area.
    • Renting a shop spot costs some cash, as does hiring a storekeeper to tend it (hire mob on a ganglander while standing under a gang cam you own, then assign mob to sales in your corpstore). There is also a limited number of shop slots.
    • Both upkeep fees are relatively low, so the Galleria has many stores belonging to dead corps which don't actually stock anything but never run out of money.
    • Shops can be stocked with stock item in case, and prices changed with -shopkeep price item at number. Unstock stuff with remove item from case.
    • Highly priced items may incur tax fees. This is to prevent clowns from using Galleria shops as display cases with over-inflated prices.
  • The store directory is here, on the westernmost tile of the zone. Using find item in dir, it's possible to search all existing player stores in the Galleria for a specific thing.
  • There is a restroom here, to the north of the westernmost tile. The sink is a safe source of drinking water.
  • The entire zone is cop-free. Freaks and other people with stars can go here without trouble. The Vampire and Abomination hunters also won't pursue anyone in here.

The Galleria has no mobs aside from the shopkeepers hired by players and a small security force.


The Galleria is all about buying and selling stuff, and is the closest thing HellMOO has to an organized player economy. If you are looking for something you can't find from an NPC or tradenet, the Galleria is a good place to start. A few pointers for smart shoppers and sellers:

  • appraise stuff before you buy it. This ensures that you are buying a full durability leech-hide jacket rather than a 1/3. Never buy packages, they're usually full of junk.
  • Stock your shop honestly. HellMOO's community is very small, so people notice scams quickly. Most corps don't last two months; a scamming corp won't last two weeks.
  • Advertise your goods on tradenet. There is a tradenet bot that flags up interesting items occasionally, but trade WIKI now selling deathsuits, $60k ea! is faster.
    • When advertising on tradenet, always, always include prices, it saves everyone a ton of time.
  • Do not engrave things you intend to sell, no matter how cool your corp slogan is. It clogs up people's screens for no reason.
  • Consider stocking according to demand. People always need coffee enemas and gold ruby rings, and pragmatic (or lazy) players will often buy other essentials like nanites here at a markup to save the trouble of farming them.
  • Remember that an item's worth is not measured in the effort or skill that went into making it. HellMOO's item balancing is a total mess; there is a huge number of items that are difficult to acquire, and a very small pool of items that are actually used. Stinger missiles and vector carbines are rare as diamond dust, but they're also hopeless garbage, so stocking them is a waste of time.