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Fuck machine is a focus mutation which adds abilities that help manage horniness, as well as some other minor bonuses.


In Maas Neotek, in the Baumann-Ritchie Club for Gentlemen on the upper-most floor.


This mutation grants:

   +1 Cool
   +4 Fuck
   -1 Climb
   fant*asize command: use focus to get horny.
   cum command: use focus to immediately orgasm, or augment and accelerate an impending one.
   engorge command: instantly grow a penis.
   Size bonus to breasts and penis.


  • +1 Cool. Cool is generally regarded as the least useful stat, and +1 is unlikely to make any difference to most builds, so this is rarely the primary reason for taking the mutation.
  • +4 Fuck. Fuck has some utility for stress management and endorphin buffing, so this is a nice bonus to have, especially for builds that don't get high fuck based on their stats alone.
  • Excellent horny control, thanks to the fant and cum commands. Cum requires some focus to use, but even fant alone is very helpful.
  • Enhanced orgasms using cum, which speeds up the process of switching buffs considerably and grants extra destress on orgasm.
  • Emergency penis replacement, should male characters lose theirs. Female characters can also engorge, which trades the ability to get pregnant normally for the ability to use more fuck commands.
  • Increased genital size. This doesn't have any obvious mechanical effects, but penis and breast size are both brags on the scoreboard, meaning this mutation is mandatory for anyone who wants to top those rankings.


  • -1 Climb. This is a small penalty, but it can hamper early-game mobility further on builds that already have bad climb.
  • Stigma. Fuck machine is notorious for its association with dickgirl fetishists and sexhavers who do nothing but pad their brags and ERP all day. If you're not one of these, people won't care if you have FM; if you are, you might as well get it, because everyone can spot you from a mile away anyway.


Fuck Machine adds three abilities to the player's arsenal, which are generally considered the centerpieces of the mutation.


Generally typed as fant, fantasizing uses focus to increase horny levels with no other stimulation. This ability seems to have no chance of failure; even at very low focus, it will grant +1 horny. At about 20+ focus, it will always grant +5 horny (the full amount). Fantasize cannot bypass endorphins, and after an orgasm, an FM mutant will have to wait a while as usual before getting horny again. Fantasize costs no stress and has a cooldown of 16 seconds, which does not scale with focus skill.


Using focus, cum has two forms (though they both use the same command):

  • Typing the command alone; this requires that the user has a high level of horny, and if successful, will instantly cause an orgasm. This orgasm will heal 90 stress, but cannot give endorphin buffs. Requires about 20 focus for consistent success.
  • Using cum while already engaged in an act of sex. This will drastically decrease the time it takes to orgasm from the sex, and will also provide a positive modifier to the orgasm's buff, meaning that that orgasm will heal extra stress and apply endorphin buffs more effectively. Requires about 17 focus for consistent success.
    • Not all sex acts are affected equally by cum. Using cum while wanking will not buff the orgasm of the wank, though it will bring the orgasm about more quickly. In commands that cannot give endorphins buffs, such as titfuck, cum will buff the stress heal of the orgasm but will not grant any chance of endorphin buffs.

Both uses of cum cost no stress and have a shared cooldown of 15 seconds that does not scale with focus skill.


Using engorge instantly grows a penis. It cannot be used by anyone that already has a penis; only one dong at a time is permitted. Engorge requires no focus, costs no stress, and has no cooldown. As a side note, the reverse (people with a penis using Fuck Machine to switch to a vagina) has been suggested on *ideas many times, and has been dropped every time. Do everyone a favor and don't be the 837th person to suggest it.


This mutation will add a line to your description:

   His/Her genitals are obscenely engorged.

Lines describing the size of breasts and length of the penis will also reflect the increase in cup size/inch length from taking the mutation.

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