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Gotta have the endurance to put your back into it, and sense enough to know when to pull out!

The fuck skill is used for fucking, which in HellMOO is primarily a way to control buffs. It is also sometimes used as a stun, and in the early game, a way to make money.


The fuck skill's main job is to control horny status and orgasms. Horny has four levels, which offer increasing buffs to brawn, senses and the fuck skill, alongside corresponding debuffs to cool, brains and focus as you get hornier and hornier. Getting horny doesn't normally use the fuck skill; you can just fondle anyone who allows sex (or is held in a grab) to raise your horny level and theirs.

Losing your horny status by normal means uses the fuck skill's various commands. Once horny status is lost by orgasm, it is replaced by endorphins, a temporary buff that prevents you from becoming horny again. The power of the endorphins buff scales with the fuck skill of the person who initiated the fuck, and also depends on what kind of fuck action was used to achieve orgasm. At max level, endorphins heals for +2 hp per heartbeat, and buffs brawn, cool and endurance. If the initiator's fuck skill is too low, neither party will be able to orgasm and swap horny for endorphins.

Some fuck commands are prevented from giving the full level of endorphins, to prevent pre-combat buffing and destressing from being too easy. For more info on endorphins, see the relevant entry on the Drugs page.

All orgasms will relieve Stress; the amount removed scales with the fuck skill of the person who initiated the sex act. Much like endorphins, the stress removal is also capped in some fuck commands, so you can't instantly remove 500 stress with a quick fap.


Fuck can also be used as a stun. Anyone who is grabbed can be fucked with any of the usual fuck commands (as can anyone dumb enough to allow sex from you), so long as fuckable body part is exposed. See Rape. Once a fuck command is initiated, it can only be canceled by the person who initiated it, not by the person who is the target of the fuck. As long as the fuck is in progress, neither the initiator nor the receiver can take any action, though the initiator is free to stop at any time.

In addition, the length of time it takes to reach orgasm scales with the fuck skill; a fuck initiator with middling skill can stunlock someone for around 30 seconds, and very high skill can last even longer. During this time, any third party is free to wail on the receiver while they are helpless to fight back. This process is commonly called "fucklock".

Fucklock cannot normally be chained by canceling it with stop, because it must be initiated with a grab and beginning a fuck automatically cancels a grab.

Fucklock is rarely used in PvP, partly because most HellMOO combat is uncoordinated, impromptu 1v1 fights and partly because grab is usually powerful enough on its own to see any fight through; fuck really isn't necessary.


The fuck skill can be used to fuck horny NPCs, most often found in Freedom City. As long as the NPC is brought to orgasm, they will pay a sum of money that scales with the fuck skill of the player that initiated the fuck. This also fulfills the whore job, which pays some bonus cash and XP.


Several commands use the fuck skill. Most of them require that genitalia and other appropriate body parts be exposed, so you can't take it up the butt while wearing jeans.

Command Action
wank/jerk Masturbation. If equipped with a penis, one can can also wank on <something> and wank on <creature>'s <bodypart> if so desired. Using wank multiple times within the space of a few seconds may give you a penis fracture. Requires initiator to be horny. Cannot give enough endorphins to buff stats, and has a hard cap of removing 90 stress, no matter the initiator's fuck skill.
jerkoff <creature>/suck <creature> Jerkoff or finger the target, or perform cunnilingus or fellatio. Does not give credit for whoring purposes. Removes horny on the target but not the initiator. Largely identical except for messages and the fact that a suck initiator must have their mouth exposed. Initiator need not be horny, but target must be. Flat destress of 90. Cannot give endorphin buffs.
fuck <creature> Perform vaginal sex with the creature (defaults to anal sex if both parties are male). Unique in that it can be initiated on horny NPCs without having to strip them first. Initiator must be horny, but target need not be. Destresses and gives endorphins buffs, scaling with fuck skill. If the target is female, has a chance to cause pregnancy.
assfuck/buttfuck <creature> Perform anal sex with the creature. Identical to fuck except that it always requires the butt to be exposed, and cannot cause pregnancy in female targets.
titfuck <creature> Titfuck the target. Requires target to be female and topless. Initiator must be horny, but target need not be. Flat destress of -90, cannot give endorphin buffs.
facefuck Facefuck the target. Initiator must be horny, but target need not be. Works with severed heads. Like a less powerful version of fuck; destress and endorphins scale with skill, but are capped.
Fondle <creature> Doesn't technically use the fuck skill, but raises horniness levels for both parties, assuming neither has endorphins. Can also target specific body parts.


  • Buffing for endorphins before a fight can be very useful, but requires a sex target. If you don't have a friend, facefucking a severed head works, but caps the endorphin buff to lower levels. Better options are fucking inflatable sheep from the The Giggling Schoolgirl and corpses. Both actions impose no penalty, but they do require a penis, while the severed head does not.
  • Some NPCs can't be fucked on account of having no viable orifices (most robots, for example).
  • Fuck skill can be bypassed with an orgazmorotor, which is a moderately pricey Science gadget. Orgazmorotors can't give endorphin buffs, however.
  • The Fuck Machine mutation affects the fuck skill in various ways with special commands alongside buffing it by +4; see the mutation's page for more info.
  • Most actions using the fuck skill have a chance of granting fetish IP, but this is purely incidental; fetishes don't seem to have anything to do with the actual mechanics of the skill.

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